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Danny has been doing very well, we do have issues with side effects of Chemotherapy but these are not severe. Danny will recieve another dose of Chemotherapy this week (IV push of Vincristine) along with starting a 5 day regiment of Steroids. Danny does recieve oral Chemotherapy at home every night and his medications have been reduced. We had the chance to speak with a new GI physician at AI duPont Hosp about the side effects of Vincristine and Danny`s dismotility or the slowing of his digestive system. Dr. Schaefer is on board and willing to help Danny through the rest of his Treatment, which will last through April of 2013. We have also seen Danny`s Opthomologist, Dr. Jin, about a corrective procedure for Danny`s eyes. Danny was born with a lazy left eye and with Chemotherapy and Treatment his eyes have gotten worse but this can be corrected.

Danny and I have had much fun this past 2 weeks. We have enjoyed the good weather and each other everyday. We went to The B+ Foundation Heroes 200 Car Race last weekend and Danny really enjoyed himself. Katie Wilson from The B+ Foundation was wonderful with him and stayed with him almost the entire time we were there.Joe McDonough from The B+ Foundation gave Danny a BMW scooter from BMW Motor Sports, Danny loves this scooter as much as the one given to him last year By Joe and Chris McDonough. I have to bring both outside so he can take turns on each one. Danny runs and plays as if he never faced Adversity and we have been truly blessed. He is still in school and loves going, this is one of the few times that he looks at me and says "Bye Daddy see you later". We even went to the Ocean City Board Walk last weekend and Danny went on some rides for the first time! Danny and I have been riding our bike around town with the weather being good and he enjoys that a lot. Danny always says "Faster Daddy" but I keep the speed under the speed limit. To see Danny run and play you would never know that he is still in treatment for Childhood Cancer. I believe that every day is a gift and enjoy every moment and memory we make. Thank you all for following Danny and his progress, I will post another message soon.