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Daniel’s Story

Thank you for visiting Daniel's CaringBridge website.  Daniel was a passenger in car accident on April 2, 2011 when he was 19. and suffered a C-4 spinal injury.  He was a cadet at Marion Military Academy in Marion, AL.On  April 19, 2011 he was transported to Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA for rehabilitation after his initial surgery at UAB in Birmingham. He returned home in August of '11, after making excellent strides forward.  He is now at home, attending NOVA, walking with assistance of arm crutches, and hoping to attend college away in the Spring.  He has come so far, but he continues working in his recovery.

When Daniel was initially brought to UAB Hospital in Birmingham, AL, by airlift, he was placed in a "halo" device, however the neurosurgeon quickly decided to stablize his fractured C-4 spine with front and back fusion, hardware, screws etc.  He has an "incomplete" injury, which means that his spinal cord was not completely severed, thank you LORD!  He did, however, suffer spinal cord injury, which made him considered to be a quadriplegic. 

Now Daniel is at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA.  Shepherd is known for being a place where intensive therapy and cutting-edge modalities bring people with spinal cord injuries to amazing improvements.  We have seen so many things that we were initially told may never happen because of the level of his injury, now happening! 

Please continue in enthusiastic prayer for Daniel.  We are so proud of our young man's efforts and hard work.