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Dan’s Story

As some of you may know, Dan was at Ryan's bachelor party in Cabo, Mexico and took a bad fall. He has very bad brain trauma and was taken to the hospital in Cabo where he underwent emergency surgery to relieve pressure in his brain. He was evacuated to Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego about 24 hours after his fall. He arrived here around 12:30 am the morning of April 16th. We have created this website to keep friends and family in the loop about his condition. Please check the Journal tab for our most recent updates.

Latest Journal Update


An emotional week…
It was so important that I got to spend all my time with Dan last week. I was able to focus on every aspect of his recovery both physically and emotionally. We really had a wonderful time together, but we were all way overdue to be together again. Unfortunately, Kodi has been a complete disaster ever since my mom brought them up to Denver. It might have just been her time to fall apart and that is only fair. We are very lucky that my aunt and uncle are patient people as their house just got really loud.

The kids finally got to see Dan on Tuesday and it was very hard for all of us. For starters, I was a nervous wreck, and then Ryder & Kodi completely fell apart right before we met up with Dan. Cjay was smart enough to buy a present from Dan, to the kids, in order t...
o break the tension and Jenna was kind enough to bring her dog to do the same. The kids barely looked at Dan and stayed very far away. I was heartbroken. Having the kids there really magnified how different things were. Needless to say Dan and I have had many tears over how hard this is on the kids, and how different Dan’s role as a dad is right now. I spoke with Ryder and Kodi a lot that night and it seemed to help because the next day was way better. Ryder and Kodi joked around with Dan, talked to him, and even rode on his wheel chair. Another obstacle we encountered with the kids is how over stimulated Dan gets with them. He keeps saying “I forgot how much they move around.” Regardless, we will take whatever he can do each day in order to rebuild our relationships together…small strides in the right direction.

Speaking of strides, Dan is doing great with walking. Dizziness continues to be his biggest hurdle so we hooked him to this crazy contraption that would catch him he fell. He rocked it, so we also started stairs and walking to a few therapy classes he has everyday. I also just got okayed to take Dan off campus to a nearby park this weekend which will be very nice since the weekends get long. He is also doing better with swallowing thin liquids now that the tube is out of his nose. It is still very deliberate but he aspirates much less. This is wonderful especially since I have a mini heart attach every time he does that.

The other great news we just got, was concerning a study we signed Dan up for. Most men who suffer a traumatic brain injury have low testosterone for about a year after the accident. The problem with this is they have a very hard time building their muscle back up. The study we signed Dan up for tested his blood but turned out he was not low. In turn he qualified for the control group where he gets a little extra therapy/tests on the weekends but doesn’t have to take any weird hormone replacements…I am thrilled!!!

We are truly overwhelmed on a daily basis by the compassion and love that we have received in our time of need. Big hugs and kisses.