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Continued recovery and a vacation to visit family!

Hello everyone,

May has been a very busy and full month.  Dad was riding the tandem bike, piloted by a group of wonderful cycling friends, ~4x/week in between continued PT, OT, and speech therapy appointments.  We wrapped up a round of Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) treatments also. We really believe the HBOT treatments helped, but they sucked up much time and energy so for now, we are thankful for the break (until the next round probably, though).  Between tandem rides, HBOT, and therapy appointments, he also has been doing some computer coding for a market trading program.  As long as it is moderate, work like this is also a great exercise for his healing.  And although we certainly see a slower processing speed and confusion at times (as in many things he does), my dad's intelligence is still intact.  Thank you, God!

He is making good progress on his goals, and I can say with certainty that since he has returned home at the end of February, his right leg has more control, his eye movement is significantly better, and his conversations overall are more "normal."  Yeah!  At only 9 months post-injury, dad's brain is still in a rapid healing process as it changes and reconnects and makes new neuro-pathways (not sure how technically correct that term is;).  But the point is that although his TBI is a lifelong injury, he is in a valuable window of opportunity to heal and have an overall better outcome. 

With HBOT over, Dad got sent off to California.  Just kidding, he got to go for a vacation;)  Although to be honest, it is a little like a vacation here for my mom and me, too.  Dale started out seeing the last couple stages of the Amgen Tour of California with Barb, Wayne, and Dyanna.  My brother Peter was racing and doing VERY well (goooo Pete!).  It was a big race for his career, and it was very special that my dad was able to make it out there to see and support.  Pete has had a bit of a wild year between switching teams to race for BMC, my dad's accident, and getting married, so dad being well enough to fly out to support him in the big event was definitely something special.  After the race he hung out with Pete and Dyanna, and then off the DC!  Today he started the Ride 2 Recovery, a program put on by Wounded Warriors. Over the next week he will ride several hours each day (on a tandem piloted by his brother Wayne) with many others (mostly injured veterans) to finish at Virginia Beach.  My dad was even asked to participate in the laying wreath ceremony at Arlington to kick off the event on Memorial Day weekend -- what an honor!!   The photo here is Dale and Wayne at the Washington Monument yesterday.

I can't say it enough -- I don't believe my dad would be having such a remarkable recovery able to marked by this special trip at the 9-month mark if it weren't for SUCH wonderful friends that support us here and from afar.  Thank you!!!

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Lisa Scherr
By Lisa Scherr, RN R2R
It was an absolute joy to have Dale on the R2R Memorial Challenge.
Cindy Southway
By Cindy & Hoppe
Great news - thanks for the update.
Bill Demmon
By Bill Demmon
So great to hear that Dale continues to make progress in his healing. We think about him constantly and keep him in our prayers. Bill and Jill Demmon
Sue Reber
By Sue Novara-Reber
So glad to hear of Dales's continued recovery. Prayers continue!
David Balkin
That is such good news. Heartwarming on several levels.