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Early May update

Dale has a wonderful group of cycling friends who are committed to helping him get on the bike again so Kate set up a sign up sheet for tandem rides.  The borrowed tandem is in the garage, needed tools to adjust saddle and bars nearby for the different tandem pilots and at least 4 days a week (depending on the weather), he rides the trails and quiet country roads surrounding Boulder.   My gratitude feels insufficient for the commitment of our wonderful cycling community. 

More good news is that his right eye appears to be ”unstuck".  It is beginning to abduct and with effort, he can move it to the center.  That makes us more hopeful that eventually both eyes will track in sync.  The eye exercises are hard for him but he perseveres and it is paying off.

Kate and I are doing better with the daily routine but sometimes feel Dale is too tightly scheduled and it's hard to fit everything into the day.  Miss the spontaneity and unstructured days but it will come.

- Anne