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A look back and the road ahead

Dear Supporters of Dale Stetina's Rehabilitation,

This has been a long time coming, but we (Dale's entire immediate and extended family) want to say THANK YOU so much for believing in Dale. It has been extremely humbling to us. We finally have a clearer picture of the steps ahead and want to share that with all of you.

Dale is currently back home in Boulder, and is living at home. He is doing very well and continues to make progress. He does need a lot of supervision but slowly he is proving himself more stable and reliable. Luckily our insurance paid for most of the hospitalization. But now that he is home and still has a long way to go.

Firstly, we want to give a spacial thank you to all our neighbors, who have helped to maintain the house, coordinate logistics around our family, help with tasks that Dale would normally do for us, and have helped to keep your family going. Poplar truly is an amazing neighborhood and you have all gone way beyond the standard definition of "being neighborly". We love you guys.

Also, special Thanks go out to all the people who donated to his Rehab Fund. We first used some of the funds here and there in the beginning to pay certain hospital costs the insurance wouldn't, such as the deductible for the helicopter Flight For Life that first picked up Dale. There have been a lot of these "non-covered" costs throughout his 6 month journey from accident to his own bed.

Now, back at home, his vision continues to be extremely poor. His eyes are crossed and he cannot see a computer screen. However, much of his intelligence has returned, he is very sharp and smart, despite sometimes using fuzzy reasoning. Right now he is attempting to write a book on his experiences in hope that it will help others. We have purchased software that makes it easier for him to use the computer, and are pursuing other technology that would also help his vision.

Another future hurdle for Dale will be his dental reconstruction. His face was quite smashed up, doctors worked as much as they could once he was stable, but now he needs an edit.

Dale has also started Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy(HBOT) as of a few days ago. This is a relatively new therapy, that has been having amazing/promising results. Long story short, he sits in a room extremely saturated with Oxygen, which is "forced" into his brain in large quantities. The brain responds extremely well to this and seems to regenerate with amazing speed and strength. Different types of brain injuries have varying success rates, hence it's not covered by insurance. As a family we took a long time to decide to pursue this, looked over every pro and con, twice. No, thrice. In the end we felt this was something we must pursue. Plus, if you know Dale, you know he would be 100% for an alternative and organic therapy such as this, and in fact he is! This could be the difference between just getting back in the game of life to actually scoring the fabled 4th quarter touchdown.

Besides the HBOT sessions and working on his book, Dale's day consists of Physical Therapy visits (his balance isn't perfect), exercises at home (physical, visual, mental), enjoying his family, and Tandem bike rides. We have procured a special Tandem bike that allows Dale to coast when needed independent of the driver in front who can keep pedaling. He has really enjoyed having friends come over a few times a week to take a spin with him and pilot him through his old training grounds. His fitness is what saved his life in the beginning, and now he uses it as an escape and also a tool to rehabilitate.

The support that flooded in from all over world has meant so much to us and we are so grateful for your love.  Your generosity, both emotionally and monetarily, is appreciated with the utmost gratitude and care.  Your belief in him has been so important to both him and our family as we continue to believe in a miraculous recovery.  Although there is still a long road ahead and many improvements to be made, we hold fast to the amazing recovery he has made so far, and the community like you all that have supported Dale and our family in such a tangible way.  We are so grateful for you!!!

The Stetinas
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Teri Angcos
Wishing Dale and his family continued strength, physical improvement and perserverance! I will never forget the words of encouragement & strength of Dale's presence as we rode together for a few miles in the 2012 Davis Phinney Ride to Victory. He placed his hand on my back and gently pushed us (we ride a tandem) on down the road. We are cheering for you & your family every day! Thanks for the update.
Donald Applegate
By Donald Applegate
Great blessings to Dale and family.
Bill Demmon
By William and Jill Demmon
Our prayers and thoughts continue to go out to Dale and his family.
Joe marinaro
As a fellow cyclist who is just about a year from my crash and head/brain injury I can truly empathize with what you are all going through. I could never have recovered without the help and support of family and friends and I often think about just how someone without that support could recover successfully.

My prayers and thoughts are with all of you and while it is a long road it is paved with the love and support of family, friends and great doctors and nurses!!
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