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Dale’s Story

Dale Stetina was involved in a car-bike accident in Lefthand Canyon on August 31, 2013. He was airlifted to Boulder Community Hospital in critical condition with a Traumatic Brain Stem Injury. He is showing signs of strong recovery but this is going to be a long road back with heavy rehabilitation. 
**** We have set up the Dale Stetina Trust fund. Please scroll over to https://rally.org/dalestetina to donate. Donations through Caringbridge dont go to Dale. Don't feel obligated to give more than a nice prayer. We are so humbled by the outpouring support so far, and it is a little embarrassing to have to promote this, but we know the world we live in; medical bills pile up fast. Plus there have been lots of questions regarding donations already. 

Latest Journal Update

Cali bound

Dale is currently riding the tandem with brother Wayne in another Ride2Recovery challenge.  They, along with Wayne’s wife Barb, started Sunday in Palo Alto CA and will finish in Los Angeles this weekend.   They are reporting a great time but are having to deal with 100 degree days.  Dale’s balance on the bike is very good but he still has vision challenges that are a cause for concern, which is why he remains on the back of a tandem instead of a single.  Surgery on the right eye in mid-October will attempt to straighten it but we’ve been told the outcome is rather unpredictable.  Although not terrible, his vision is certainly not good, so we're hoping for the best.

We have been navigating rocky waters lately as we settle into new roles with our family.  Brain injury changes a lot of things, but we are finding support from each other, friends, and local support groups.  Since Dale is more independent, Kate moved out of the home for her senior year at CU and is transitioning into an engineering graduate program.  She visits frequently and is available to help when needed.  I’ll be visiting Peter, Dy, Claire and Levi in the Bay Area this weekend.  It is Pete and Dy’s one year wedding anniversary!  This time of year brings back poignant memories as it was this weekend one year ago that Dale’s brain began to “wake up” after his accident.

Thanks you for reading and following our journey.  We’ll update after next week's surgery.