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Dale’s Story

Dale Stetina was involved in a car-bike accident in Lefthand Canyon on August 31, 2013. He was airlifted to Boulder Community Hospital in critical condition with a Traumatic Brain Stem Injury. He is showing signs of strong recovery but this is going to be a long road back with heavy rehabilitation. 
**** We have set up the Dale Stetina Trust fund. Please scroll over to to donate. Donations through Caringbridge dont go to Dale. Don't feel obligated to give more than a nice prayer. We are so humbled by the outpouring support so far, and it is a little embarrassing to have to promote this, but we know the world we live in; medical bills pile up fast. Plus there have been lots of questions regarding donations already. 

Latest Journal Update

Eye Surgery Update

Last Friday, talented Denver surgeon, Dr. Adrienne Ruth, repositioned Dale’s right eye’s vertical muscles so that they pull the eye outward and then used a botox injection in the medial muscle to relax it.  After two follow-up appointments this week, he is doing well and the doctor says she doesn’t need to see him for 6 weeks.  The eye is, of course, very red and will be for weeks but it is straight and he has some peripheral vision.  It isn’t perfect, it will never fully turn outward, but it isn’t looking at his nose all the time!  Since the optic nerve was very damaged in the crash, he’ll never see correctly out of it but having some vision is a blessing and he is doing eye exercises to try to get the brain to integrate images from both eyes.  Several months from now, Dr.Ruth will operate on the less severely damaged left eye since it also doesn’t abduct normally.

He has to lay low for another week but then can start physical activity again.  Whew!  Another hurdle crossed with success!  Thanks Dr. Ruth!