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Dale’s Story

Every sunrise by the sea brings a new day's greetings.

Dale had total ankle joint replacement on Tuesday, March 13. He came through surgery with flying colors.

While I was with him in recovery and we were talking about his few weeks with crutches for healing and excited the surgery was over and he would be able to walk normally again and without pain. An hour after surgery he started having chest pains and coded. He had a heart attack. The medical teams worked miracles trying to resuscitate him during the code procedure.

Last May he had two medicated stents in the left anterior descending artery with no heart damage. His November nuclear treadmill was great and the cardiologist told him to come back in two years, he was in great shape.

Despite everyone's best efforts on Tuesday 3/13, we were told that Dale will not be waking up. The decision is up to Dale and God.

We appreciate everyone's calls, visits, thoughts, and prayers throughout this trying time. We will be updating periodically.

Angel Hugs to All,

Brian, Julie, Keegan & Kennadie
Jon & Rachel
Amy & Ryan