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Alisa, Taylor, Jayden & Logan’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site for the Will Cunningham Family.

On March, 17, 2013, Alisa, Taylor, Jayden & Logan were driving home when their minivan was hit by another car coming from the wrong direction on State Route 52.  They were taken to Sharp Memorial and Rady's Children's Hospitals where they are now being treated and recovering.

Family members and staff from Cathedral Catholic High School will use this site to communicate any information the Cunningham Family would like to share with the community.

Please check back for updates and thank you for your support.

Latest Journal Update


Hello everyone and HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! It has been a BEAUTIFUL weekend here in San Diego.

This Friday, May 31st, there will be a Dance Fundraiser for the Cunningham Family being held at Cathedral Catholic High School from 5-9pm for $50/person. See the attached flyer for more info. Contact KC Hellenkamp to pre-register or if you have any questions. Helly15@aol.com

Here is one of the most recent updates from Alisa:

One of the things that I pray that everyone would learn from our experience is that life, as you know it, can change in the blink of an eye! A little over 2 months ago I didn't know many that were busier than me! I was quite proud of my ability to work hard, multi task and keep my kids, the house and my job in decent working order and a good rhythm. Taylor Cunningham and I were just talking tonight about how 2 months ago her main focus was on Prom, SATs and basic high school social drama! We now know first hand how quickly life can change and priorities can readjust. A good night's sleep is something to Praise! Recalling a special memory from early 2013 is something that Tay and I cheer about (short term memory has generally been pretty much wiped). Reestablishing daily morning and evening routines for chores and such are resisted by children but insisted by me, the mom! 
I will never look at my children, my husband or my extended family the same ever again. My friendships have ALWAYS been important to this only child but are now cherished at a whole 'nother level! My Walk with my Lord and my Faith in general have grown faster and stronger than a teenage boy's growth spurt!! 
I will continue to lean on my Lord and grow in my Faith. I will continue to lean on my family and friends because it 'takes a village'. I will forever praise God for helping me grow during this special, challenging time!

Thanks again for all of your SUPPORT! 

Much love,