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Latest Journal Update


Cancer has been ruled OUT!!!! Thank you so much for your prayers and for riding this roller coaster with us! We love you all!

His doctor proceeded with the bronchoscopy which he is having done right now. The odd mass connected to his lungs Dr. Conrad is hoping might be a pocket of puss that collected from Transplant. She will be swiping that area and sending it in for a biopsy.

He will continue to be treated for the parasitic infection. The concern that remains is if that pocket is fungal and/or if some of the atypical things they have been seeing is his rejection worsening. He will be staying on Cyclosporine which is the anti-rejection medication that caused the PRES. Topamax, a migraine medication has been added but it can interact with the Cyclosporine, so whenever an adjustment is made to one they will have to do the same for the other. His blood pressure medication has also been increased because with PRES his BP rises which contributes to his head pain. How they will keep the brain inflammation down and the PRES at bay I still don't quite understand but I trust his doctor has a plan. He is in very good hands.

I have more good news! Cullen will be discharged today! It's the weekend in the hospital which is when things tend to go even slower, so when today I don't know. He will have a lot of appointments, blood work, etc. at the hospital every week but it's still better than living in the hospital.

Thank you again for helping us through this difficult time. The prayers can focus again on rejection because that concern is back at the top of the focus list where it should be.



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Susan Kennedy
By Susan Kennedy
Wow. So glad you got some good news. Now back to all the normal high stress worries.
Melissa Keltgen
By Melissa Keltgen
Hallelujah! Praise God! Couldn't get a better birthday gift. So glad to hear no cancer!
Peggy Velasquez
By Peggy Velasquez
Amazing Grace! Thank You, Jesus. So happy for you all:)
Patsy Brown
God is good all the time. All the time, God is good.
pam poley
By pam poley
God is good!!!!!!

stephanie barrett
By Stephanie Barrett
Thank you God!!! So glad Cullen is going home and maybe everyone will be able to get some much needed rest!!!! Will continue to lift Cullen up in prayer!!! Sending my love and hugs ♡♡
Jim Gibons
By Jim
Oh my gosh sorry for all the posts....embarrassed
Jim Gibons
By Jim
Yeah! Time for ice cream and Mario Kart
Jim Gibons
By Jim
Yeah time for ice cream
Jim Gibons
By Jim
Yeah time for ice cream