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Crystal’s Story

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On June 29th, 2009, Crystal, Parker, and Haley Hewitt were in a severe car accident.  Crystal sustained major injuries to her back and almost didn't make it and Parker and Haley didn't survive the car crash.  They are both with our Heavenly Father.
Please continue praying for a full recovery for Crystal. And please pray for Crystal and Craig (along with the family and friends) broken hearts. 

We are so thankful for the love and support shown by so many friends and family.

If you would like to send a note of encouragement and prayer, please feel free to do so through our Caringbridge website.  

Cards can be mailed to: 
3230 Wessinger Road
Chapin, SC 29036

A special fund has been set up by Chapin Baptist Church to help the Hewitt family. If you would like to contribute, please call Chapin Baptist Church at 345-3477. 

In addtion, the funds raised for selling the Parker and Haley t-shirts/bracelets are going towards building an arbor/picnic project at our church (Chapin Baptist).

Thank you for your continued support...please check out the following video in memory of precious Parker and Haley...

Memory Video of Parker and Haley - http://www.craighewittphotography.com/blog/in-memory-of-parker-and-haley-6-29-09/ 

Latest Journal Update


As Craig already posted, the VCUG test is done and behind us. (Thank God) However, Ellington is still having a really hard time with recuperating from the test. Thursday night (night after test done) Ellington woke up about 4am crying and saying that her side and the lowest part of her belly was hurting. I took her to my bed and tried to get her some rest. She didn't get much rest at all, she kept tossing and turning and cringing when she would hurt. On Friday morning she got up and stayed the same, just wanting me to hold her and saying that she was hurting. Ellington and Emerson had their egg hunts at preschool on Friday morning and their Easter parties. I loaded them up to at least take Emerson for his hunt and cupcakes for Ellington's class. When we got to preschool Ellington perked up and said, "I'm ok, I want to go! I won't say I hurt!" I said, "Ellington, are you sure? And it's ok to say you hurt when you hurt." She was so happy to go on in to her class with her friends and then I took Emerson to his class. I came back to their preschools to watch their egg hunts and when I was in Emerson's class, Ellington's teacher brought Ellington to me with her very upset and hurting. This picture is taken after calming down and then seeing her Bro. I love their love for one another.

Ellington had blood in her pull-up and when she went in the potty all through the day Friday. I called the dr and she said it was normal as long as she didn't run a fever. She felt better last night (Friday night) and this morning and then this afternoon she is right back to the same way, the hurting is back and the blood is back in the pull ups and in the potty.

Please pray that Ellington's pain goes away and that all of this is normal and nothing else is going on with Ellington.

Man, I don't like seeing her in pain. I hate not being able to do anything for her except hold her with her cringing with pain on me.

I am so thankful though in the midst of all of this that Ellington is going through, that we don't have to deal with this all of the time. I am so thankful that God allowed her to be able to urinate in the potty and not have to be cathed on a daily basis.

Thank you for praying for Ellington!


Mommy Hewitt
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Lorrie Freeman
Praying for little Ellington. I'm so sorry she is going through this.
Marsha Johnson
By Marsha Johnson
Praying for dramatic relief for Ellington.
Dona Silverman
By Dona Silverman
Oh man! I hope she gets well soon.

Prayers and peace, love Dona
kiki fore
By kiki fore
Awww poor sweetie! We are sending love & prayers for her to feel better extra soon❤️❤️