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Crystal’s Story

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On June 29th, 2009, Crystal, Parker, and Haley Hewitt were in a severe car accident.  Crystal sustained major injuries to her back and almost didn't make it and Parker and Haley didn't survive the car crash.  They are both with our Heavenly Father.
Please continue praying for a full recovery for Crystal. And please pray for Crystal and Craig (along with the family and friends) broken hearts. 

We are so thankful for the love and support shown by so many friends and family.

If you would like to send a note of encouragement and prayer, please feel free to do so through our Caringbridge website.  

Cards can be mailed to: 
3230 Wessinger Road
Chapin, SC 29036

A special fund has been set up by Chapin Baptist Church to help the Hewitt family. If you would like to contribute, please call Chapin Baptist Church at 345-3477. 

In addtion, the funds raised for selling the Parker and Haley t-shirts/bracelets are going towards building an arbor/picnic project at our church (Chapin Baptist).

Thank you for your continued support...please check out the following video in memory of precious Parker and Haley...

Memory Video of Parker and Haley - 

Latest Journal Update


We had Ellington's parent observation night at dance on Monday night. I love having this opportunity in her class and every one we go to, we see first hand at what God has done since the last one! 
This time, Ellington was more stable, even showing off jumping in between moves and full of smiles! The cute thing is that she gets excited at herself too at what all she can do! 
Praise God for what all He has done and what He has in store for Ellington. I kept praying and keep praying for her to be a walking testimony of His work and He not only did that but blessed her with being a Dancing and jumping testimony! AMAZING. Thank you God.

On Tuesdays Ellington has PT during preschool. Mrs Lisa always leaves a note in her book bag and on Tuesday when she gets home, it's the first thing I am looking for in her book bag to read! This week we got the attached note. I asked Ellington what she did by herself and she said that she went up the playground without Mrs Lisa and that she went down the "Twisty Slide"! This is HUGE! But then it gets even better, she told me today, "I went today up the playground by myself with no one except my friends and went down the twisty slide again!" I wanted to cry! This is beyond HUGE. She is gaining the confidence through God working in her. She is gaining strength through God healing her. She is happy because her Jesus gives her JOY. 

Tears of Joy today as I see first hand every day the work of our loving Father. 

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13. Ellington knows this verse by heart and each time she says it, she finishes with "strength" and showing her muscles! She is precious and it's so awesome to teach her who to thank for her being able to make each step she takes! 

Thank you for praying for our sweet little dancing miracle. Please continue to pray! 

We have heard one update from Philadelphia that the blood test came back - this is the test to check her kidney function and if her kidney has damage from all of the infections that she has had (Dr thought for sure her kidneys have lost some function and had damage with all of these infections) However, God has protected what He has given her. Blood test back showing that her kidneys are PERFECT! The nurse was so excited to report that to us. 
Now, we are just waiting on the final call on if we have to have another test done in the near future for them to determine if she has neurogenic bladder or if they can come to conclusion with what they have. Please pray against neurogenic bladder. 

I met a sweet lady the other day in Chick-fil-A and she told me that she has been praying for our family and follows Caringbridge. You don't know how much that means to us, that you follow our family and pray for our family. We need your prayers and we appreciate every single one. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to each of you.

You mean so much to us. 

Mommy Hewitt

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Hunter Blackburn
Continued prayers sent your way. God bless the Hewitt's. I had a health scare when I was born with hydrocephalus. I see no other reason than that God and the doctors were my answer, the answer to my families prayers. I can say the same for Ellington along this journey. HB- Cleveland, OH
Laura Darden
By Laura Darden
Such a sweet picture of your little ballerina. So thankful to God that Ellington's test results are coming back normal :-)
I will continue to pray for you all!
Lisa Pappas
By Mrs. Lisa 😄
❤️❤️❤️ To God be the glory
kiki fore
Woohoo!! What fabulous news! Sending lots of love and prayers!
Sheila James
By Sheila James
What a testimony to the goodness of God. The Hewitts and especially Ellington are an inspiration to all of us!!!! You are in our prayers!!
Billie Rogers
By Billie Rogers
Awesome news! Praise Jesus for these miracles!
Joey  Brooks
By Melodi Brooks — last edited
Thanks for sharing your great news. I Love seeing your little Dancing, Smiling, Beautiful Miracle!🙌
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Cathy FitzGerald
By Cathy FitzGerald
So glad to hear the wonderful news!!
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