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Crystal’s Story

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On June 29th, 2009, Crystal, Parker, and Haley Hewitt were in a severe car accident.  Crystal sustained major injuries to her back and almost didn't make it and Parker and Haley didn't survive the car crash.  They are both with our Heavenly Father.
Please continue praying for a full recovery for Crystal. And please pray for Crystal and Craig (along with the family and friends) broken hearts. 

We are so thankful for the love and support shown by so many friends and family.

If you would like to send a note of encouragement and prayer, please feel free to do so through our Caringbridge website.  

Cards can be mailed to: 
3230 Wessinger Road
Chapin, SC 29036

A special fund has been set up by Chapin Baptist Church to help the Hewitt family. If you would like to contribute, please call Chapin Baptist Church at 345-3477. 

In addtion, the funds raised for selling the Parker and Haley t-shirts/bracelets are going towards building an arbor/picnic project at our church (Chapin Baptist).

Thank you for your continued support...please check out the following video in memory of precious Parker and Haley...

Memory Video of Parker and Haley - 

Latest Journal Update

Orthopedic Appontment

Ellington had an orthopedic appointment this past Friday. It went really well! ! ! 

The doctor loved seeing her move around in the office so good and he said that she looked great! He is not concerned with Ellington and she again has the diagnosis of: NO BRACES! 
He said that one of her feet are turning in a little when she walks (which we have noticed), but he thinks it's from Ellington just having loose joints. He said that he bets if he tested me for it, I would have them too. The doctor said her ankles should tighten up the older she gets and that she should be fine. If anything, she will have an insert in her shoe if she needs. We will follow up in one year!  

Man, God is so good. I just can't tell Him thank you enough, I can't PRAISE Him enough. I am SO thankful for all He has done and keeps doing with Ellington. 
It's cute that she gets excited about what God is doing too. She has the biggest smile on her face when she does something new - and she says, "God is making me stronger!" 

We continue to pray for her each night, for God to make her stronger than she was yesterday. I love how He is answering our prayers.
It's cute when I am praying, Ellington will add in, and thank you for jumping, and dancing and running! I love how she is learning just how BIG our God is by seeing it first hand. 

Thank you for praying for our Ellington! 

I have to share with you another answered prayer......

My prayer has been for Ellington to always see that we are a family of 6, even though only 4 of us are here on earth. I have always had a prayer that she would even draw her pictures of "her family" having Parker and Haley in them. Well, the other day she was coloring a picture and I just kind of watched as she kept drawing little people on the piece of paper. When she got finished she said, "Mommy look!" I said, "Tell me about your picture." She said, "There is daddy, and mommy and me and Emerson and Parker and Haley." My eyes swelled with tears! I had such JOY in my heart and still do just looking at the picture! I said, "Can I have it?" I didn't want anything to happen to it, so I ran it downstairs and put it in a safe place. That picture is getting a frame! 

God is SO good....All the time...

He is blessing us with Ellington knowing Parker and Haley and knowing that they are part of our family. He is blessing her with knowing that she has an older sister and brother who love her so very much. What a blessing. We are so thankful for answered prayer. 

Happy Easter! I hope you all have a special day celebrating Jesus!

Praying tonight for families who are grieving loved ones, one's who have beat us to heaven. Even though tomorrow is a joyous day, it's a holiday that's hard to get through without our loved ones being there with us. 


Mommy Hewitt
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Pam Zeigler
By Bill and Pam Zeigler
What a special moment for you!

We are so glad Ellington's appointmevt went well.
Linda Gill
By Linda Gill
Awesome news from the orthopedic doctor! I want to see that picture when you get it framed! God is so good!
Carlene Stafford
By Carlene (Melissa Tiltons Mon) Melissa and Larry and family go to Chapin Baptist Church.
Love and prayers for all. I love hearing about God working not only in your lives but in others as well. Blessings wished for all.
Laura Darden
By Laura Darden
More wonderful news! Happy Easter
marilyn hyman
By Marilyn & Andy
What a beautiful story and we are thankful for your answered prayers. Love to you all on this Easter Sunday.
Mary Trotter
By Tina Trotter
Know that you and Craig are doing exactly what God would have you do. Your family is precious and I thank you for sharing the love of Christ and what He is doing in your family through each posting over these last 6 years or so. He is glorified and we are blessed this Resurrection Sunday. Happy Easter,
kiki fore
By kiki fore
What a wonderful post to read first thing this morning!! Happy Easter to the Hewitt Fam!! Sending Love, smiles, & prayers
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