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Thank you for joining the Cruz Crusade and welcome to our site.  We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement through this roller coaster ride. We have so many wonderful friends and family who want to help in some way. Please feel free to use this site to collaborate and share with each other. 

Currently, Cruz is receiving supportive care for Aplastic Anemia (AA). With AA, the bone marrow does not make enough new blood cells. Cruz has trilineage AA affecting all three "types"; red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Supportive care includes "isolation", blood counts every 2 days and transfusions as needed. He will remain in supportive care until we receive further diagnostic test results related to associated genetic disorders. This will help in determining the first course of treatment. At this point it is very likely Cruz will need a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, he has only one potential bone marrow match on the National Marrow Registry. Out of over 14 million registrants...ONE "potential". Cruz was born in Guatemala and has an uncommon HLA typing due to a gene found within the Hispanic population. We have since learned that the Hispanic, African American, and Asian populations are not greatly represented in the "registry".  Visit http://bethematch.org/Support-the-Cause/ to learn more about donating. If you meet the health and age guidelines, it only takes a mouth swab to join the registry and they will mail the kit to you. Even if you may not be a match for Cruz, you may still save the life of someone else just as deserving:-) 

This journey began when Cruz experienced an uncontrollable nose bleed on December 19, 2013. He began losing consciousness and was taken via EMS to Kosair Brownsboro.  Within a few hours we were told that his blood counts, especially his hemoglobin and platelets, were much lower than what they should have been for a nose bleed. He was transferred that afternoon to Kosair downtown for further treatment and testing.  When we entered 7W I immediately thought they had brought us to the wrong floor. This was the pediatric cancer unit; Cruz had a nose bleed! Over the next three days Cruz received 3 transfusions; 2 hemoglobin and 1 platelet. Cruz also tested positive for influenza A and therefore many of the "tests" had to be postponed until the "virus" ran it's course.  Fast forward through weeks of "purgatory"... Cruz had a bone marrow biopsy confirming a rare and serious blood disease - Aplastic Anemia. It has been with the support of our family, church community, and friends that we have walked through each day with faith, hope and courage. We could not imagine going through this without you all. Much love, The Colvin Family


Aimee Colvin posted a new journal entry, "ER trip - August 5, 2014".

The kids and I dropped off Cruz's school registration yesterday. Very exciting! Wouldn't ya know he started having a macdaddy nose bleed in the darn parking lot. It was ... Read more

Aimee Colvin posted a new journal entry, "WOW - where has summer gone?!".

I'm just gonna start by shouting from the hilltops...CRUZ IS GOING BACK TO SCHOOL AUGUST 20th!!!! We are still in a bit of shock from his continual improvement ... Read more

Aimee Colvin posted a new journal entry, "May 23, 2014".

Once again I kept thinking I would wait until I had a "decent" amount of time to sit down and write a journal entry. Yeah that hasn't happened! I guess to a certain degree ... Read more

Aimee Colvin posted a new journal entry, "May 1, 2014".

Sorry for the time lapse in updates. Here is a quick one:) More of the same in terms of Cruz's blood counts. He is maintaining at pretty much the same levels ... Read more

Aimee Colvin posted a new journal entry, "April 16, 2014".

Well I've been dragging my feet on writing an update, mostly because it feels like "Groundhogs Day" around here and I don't feel like I have much to report on! Medically, ... Read more

Aimee Colvin added a new photo.

Aimee Colvin added a new photo.

Aimee Colvin added a new photo.

Lindsey Wedding signed Cruz's Guestbook.

Dear Colvin's, My name is Lindsey Wedding. I saw your article in the newspaper and I wanted to reach out to you guys. I am a bone marrow transplant survivor. I had the ... Read more

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