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May 31, 2014

Dear Team Craig,

Thank you for your continued prayers and love.  Insurance has agreed to payfor an evaluation at Chicago Rehab, the place that specializes in people with spinal cord injuries.  We are so gratefulfor this.  Craig sent all of the records that they need and they just contacted him to set up a phone interview.  He should be doing this next week.  After that, they will set up an appointment for his visit.  Please continue to pray that he gets an appointment soon, for his pain to end, and for his work. 


Craig has been working in the lab with his assistant, who serves as his hands for his project. He says it is good to be back in the lab, and that he likes the smell!  (He says it smells like oil.)  Not long ago, they finished an expansion to the lab. Before the expansion, Craig was unable to fit into the lab because of the size of his wheelchair.  The expansion wasn't done just for him, of course, but his ability to work there again has been a wonderful benefit.


Derek, Mary, and the girls (3 years and3 months) are back in "the east" for 2 1/2 weeks.  They spent a few days here, are now with Mary's relatives, will drive up to Purdue, then on to WI.  We will be driving up to WI at the sametime.  It will be good for all of us to be together again.  That hasn't happenedChristmas 2013. --a great 60th birthday present for me  :)--


May was the third anniversary of Craig's accident.  Our emotions go up and down.  Each May has prompted a wave of sadness.  Craig has come far, but has so far to go.  I know that there will not be complete emotional healing for us this side of heaven, any more than there will be physical healing.  I don't know what to expect in the future.  We are certainly better than we were.  (My wonderful primary care doctor told me last week at my physical that I seemed much better--that I didn't look like I was hanging on to the walls with my fingernails anymore.)  .  My poetry continues to be a source of healing for me, even though most of it is not directly about Craig . Three poems arose out of this month's musings.   I will post one here:  (okay-two- I couldn't decide which was more representative)


three years after the Accident


Van Gogh's paint box

was cruelly snatched

and tossed into a shallow lake

with broken brushes

so I paint with muted colors now.


I have endured nights

stuck in the harsh

black and white

of Rothko's brushstrokes stark

raving thrown against the canvas.


Just in time

comes a tender word

kissing my cheek in the dark

a baby's foot kicking

against the gray sky

the return of the red bird.


After the bird the soft

dark shades of Georges de La Tour

creep into my


warm as baking bread.


With the umber comes his burnt

flame a dim flicker of hope

illuminating the face

of the one who will brush

aside old mourning

in the new dawn.


Until then

I must paint with muted colors.



Mary Hanusa-Schuff


Waiting on Water

When he walked upon the water...

...he knew for certain 
Only drowning men could see him 



The waves remove

their white caps

out of respect

for the despondent,

for I am stalled

on a windless lake


for Jesus to walk on water.


Grief and I should have

parted ways

by now, they say.

Don't you know

time heals all wounds?


Yet time only twists its knife

deeper into the flesh

while sons of other mothers

sail past in a regatta of no



Still I sit still

in the boat


for Jesus to walk on water

and grab me

before I drown.



Mary Hanusa-Schuff



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Kay Rinehart
By Kay Rinehart
Mary, I so appreciate your posts! They provide answered prayers and the reminder to remain fervent in prayers for Craig and you and the family! The Chicago Rehab Clinic reminds me that He has not forgotten Craig! I love your poems and am thankful you included them! Praying that your time together as a family will be blessed with laughter and love. What an honor to be this earthly place of brokenness (Craig's brokenness is only more visible than mine, and so he is forced to share it more openly with all people)....surrounded with love from the saints....may you each be blessed beyond measure! Remember that YOU each one are loved and precious!!!
George Hanusa
By Uncle George and Aunt Janet
Thanks for the update on Craig about what he is doing and what's ahead. We hope the Chicago trip goes well and you get a helpful/hopeful evaluation. Thanks, too, Mary, for sharing your poetry. We hope you have a great Wisconsin family gathering.
With our love and prayers.
michelle morris
By Michelle Morris, Trevor, Emma and Sophie.
Great news about the insurance. Your poetry is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. If all of you are in WI soon, please let us know if you willbe in FdL at all visiting grandpa so we can see all of you too.
Sandra Juarez Posey
By Sandra Juarez
Wonderful news about the insurance and Craig back in the lab working. Mary, I loved both poems. Enjoy your granddaughters and the family all together in a few weeks!