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Dear Team Craig,

Craig is back in the hospital with a blood infection.  He went into the ER yesterday, and was admitted last night. He is taking antibiotics intravenously. We are not sure yet when he will be able to get out, probably Tuesday,or perhaps late tomorrow. 


We are also still working on getting an evaluation at Chicago Rehab.  Craig is still trying to get health info from various people, and I have spoken again with the insurance person.  His main doctor wrote a letter, now they are waiting to hear from his pain doctor. 


Please pray for his infection to clear up quickly, and continue to pray for Craig to be able to get all of the record she needs (more complicated than you might think), insurance to cover it, an appointment soon, pain to get better, and for his work and his spirits.  It is difficult to have to keep fighting these battles.  They just seem to go on and on.


Love, Mary, Craig, and Rick

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Pat Trigg
By Pat Trigg — last edited
Mary and Rick, I am so sorry that Craig now has a blood infection that has put him back in the hospital again and I pray they will deal it well and quickly and it will be healed. I can understand how difficult it must be for him and for you to constantly have new battles to fight that hinder the progress he has made. May God be with him and give him strength and heal him. Thank you for stopping to talk with me yesterday. I'm wondering if you found out about the infection afterwards. May you have continued endurance in the days ahead. With love and prayers,
Joyce Kennedy
By Joyce Kennedy
Thank you, Mary, for the time you take to keep us all informed. Your love, devotion, stamina are remarkable. I am sure only from God. I pray often for you and Rick and Craig. He is also remarkable to keep the struggle going to get better care and deal with the insurance. May God give you peace in your heart and rest for your soul. You are well loved.
George Hanusa
As always, you are in our thoughts and prayers.
Uncle George and Aunt Janet
marian wiggins
By the Wiggins family
so, so sorry for all you are all coping with - we lift you all up in prayer. If there is anything more we can do, please let us know.