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Dear Team Craig,

We have a big prayer request.  As you know, Craig has consulted with manymedical professionals and tried many ways to alleviate his neck and shoulderpain.  We decided to contact the ChicagoRehab Institute in Chicago,which specializes in people with spinal cord injuries.  They got in touch with us yesterday and toldus what we needed to do in order to get a consult with them.  Craig will be requesting all the medicalinformation they need.  I talked to hishealth insurance person today.  It is notclear whether they will cover it, but she is going to begin working on this andwill call me next week.


Please pray for these things:Ultimately for his pain to end, and for the ability to work unimpeded bypain.  More immediate needs:  Pray for us to be able to get an appointment atthe rehab center .  Prayfor insurance to cover it.  (These thingsas you know are very expensive.)  Prayfor the logistics of the trip.  (Craighas not yet been out of town, and that may be difficult, especially if itinvolves an overnight.)  Pray for the wisdomof the doctors.  Pray for Craig to beable to get all necessary records quickly.


As I write this on Good Friday, it is acomfort to know that we have a Savior who intimately knows suffering; who waswilling to suffer for us;  and thatsuffering and death is not the end to the story for Him or for us.  I cling to that, and to the love and prayersyou all send.  May you all have areflective Good Friday, a blessed Easter, and/or a joyful Passover week.



Mary, Craig, and Rick

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Megan Saulters
By Megan Saulters
Prayers going up for all these needs for Craig. May God give you rich time with him this Easter weekend and may you feel his pleasure in you. Happy Easter!
George Hanusa
By Uncle George and Aunt Janet
We cling with you to the God of love who makes all things new in the death and resurrection of Jesus. We praying for new relief for Craig.
michelle morris
By Michelle Morris, Trevor, Emma and Sophie
Our prayers continue for Craig.
Sandra Juarez Posey
I will pray for these specific requests for Craig, and you all as a family are in my prayers.
Sandra Juarez