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Dear Team Craig,

Craig was admitted to the hospital onThursday night.  He had a short black outwhile at a walk in clinic.  Then at theER (late at night)  he fell asleep andwas difficult to awaken.  So theyadmitted him.  They ran a series of testsyesterday, which came back normal.  It appearsthat he is doing much better--he sounded good on the phone too-- so it lookslike he will be discharged later today.  Weare very grateful for his friend Kristin and some of his caregivers who were ahuge help during this.  Please pray forhim and this health concern.  Also continueto pray for his shoulder and neck pain, and for his work.  Craig ordered stuff for his project, and heand his undergrad assistant have begun the building process on it, which isgreat.  (to those who contributed to hisresearch fund--your help at work!  a bigthanks again)


Mary, Rick, and Craig