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Craig’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. 

Craig Schuff was at a friend's house on Lake Monona on Friday evening.  He dove into the lake and damaged his spinal cord.  He has no movement from below the shoulders.  He is currently in intensive care at University of Wisconsin hospital.  He has a breathing tube and feeding tube in so he can't talk at this point, but will be able to talk when the breathing tube is removed.  He will be in the hospital for a week, then some kind of rehab.  This is his mom writing.  We value your prayers, thoughts, and notes, calls, and visits.  Keep them coming. This is what will sustain us during the long journey ahead.

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Dear Team Craig,

I have been back in Tennessee for a while now.  The caregivers are in place and seem to be working out.  Craig is progressing on his work and should be having his meeting for his prelims soon.  Yet he still has so much to deal with.  Yesterday while at school, I received a call from the secretary in Craig’s office that Craig wasn’t feeling well.  Quads can get a condition called autonomic dysreflexia.  This happens when somethingis amiss below the line of injury.  Those of us with normal bodies get symptoms related to what the problems are.  Since quads can’t feel most symptoms, it is much more complicated.  With autonomic dysreflexia,the blood pressure spikes very high and one gets a pounding headache.  His office mates rubbed a paste on his chest which sometimes helps.  This didn’t work,so Craig was taken to the hospital by ambulance.  The most common cause of autonomic dysreflexia is when the bladder is overfull for some reason, but there can be many more serious causes as well.  My dad went to the ER with him at first along with his head caregiver.  Then Quinton and Kristin came and stayed withhim.  They ran a number of tests, which all came back okay.  They were there until around 10:00, when Craig was cleared to go home.

Please thank God for the caregivers working out, for his work progressing, and for the positive outcome of yesterday’s hospital visit.  Pray for smoother sailing.  He has had way too much to deal with.  Rick and I will be traveling up next week for Thanksgiving.


Mary, Rick, and Craig

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Patty Connery
By Patty Connery
Prayers will continue for all of you.
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Sandra Juarez Posey
By Sandra Juarez
Mary, please know your family continues in my prayers.
Katie Willemssen
By Katie Willemssen
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Megan Saulters
By Megan Saulters
Prayers for Craig and for you and Rick. I hope that he feels better and continues to move in a positive direction. Praise for good caregivers and wonderful family and friends.
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Joan Davidson
I'm thanking God with you and as always, my prayers continue for dear Craig and all of you. Sending loving wishes for a blessed Thanksgiving together. Joan
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