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Craig’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. 

Craig Schuff was at a friend's house on Lake Monona on Friday evening.  He dove into the lake and damaged his spinal cord.  He has no movement from below the shoulders.  He is currently in intensive care at University of Wisconsin hospital.  He has a breathing tube and feeding tube in so he can't talk at this point, but will be able to talk when the breathing tube is removed.  He will be in the hospital for a week, then some kind of rehab.  This is his mom writing.  We value your prayers, thoughts, and notes, calls, and visits.  Keep them coming. This is what will sustain us during the long journey ahead.

Latest Journal Update

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October 19, 2014

Dear Team Craig,

Things are moving forward.  We have been training people this week.  We still have a way to go, but I am planning to be back at school a week from tomorrow.  (Barring any unforeseen happenings, which one never knows in situations like this.)  We like the people we are in the process of hiring and training.  They are all students in health care fields.  The advantage of using students is that they are smart and do well with the work.  The disadvantage is that you need more of them to fill the shifts and they only stay for a year or two.  We have not had much luck with the few nonstudents we have used.


Craig and our engineer friend Bob have done more work on the weights touse at night near his shoulders.  Bob had the ingenious idea of trying to get one of those vests that dentists use when you get your teeth x-rayed.  He asked a dentist friend if she had any to spare, and it turned out that she had to get all new ones because of changing requirements. So she was getting rid of her old ones. Bob and Craig experimented with one, and Bob is taking it to a place intown to be cut apart and have pieces sewn together.  We are also experimenting with the theracane,now that our massage therapist friend Jack taught us how to use it and made a video for us to help in training Craig’s workers. Craig’s work has been progressing well, which is also good.


I am still tired.  Sometimes I wonder what it would feel like not to be tired. I told a friend I would write a poem about weariness if I weren’t too tired to write it. Craig is tired too.  I am fitting better into my winter clothes that were too tight before I came up here.  Not a great way to lose weight, but I am not sorry to see the pounds slide off. 


I came across an interesting quote from Bob Dylan this past week.  “These are yuppie words, ‘happiness and unhappiness’.  It’s not happiness or unhappiness.  It’s either blessed or unblessed.”  I think that happiness and unhappiness depend a lot on our circumstances.  Blessedness,however, depends on our relationships with God and others, which can thrive in all circumstances. 


Since the accident, I meditate on heaven a lot. This past week I have been listening to one of Dylan’s songs, “When the Ship Comes In”.  Although it does not directly refer to heaven, it has some of the best imagery describing heaven, where all wrongs will become right.  Some excerpts from the song:

Oh the fishes will laugh

As they swim out of the path,

And the seagulls they’ll be smiling,

And the rocks on the sand

Will proudly stand,

The hour that the ship comes in.

...Oh the foes will rise

With the sleep still in their eyes,

…Then they’ll raise their hands

Sayin’ we’ll meet all your demands,

But we’ll shout from the bow your days are numbered,

And like Pharoah’s tribe

They’ll be drownded in the tide,

And like Goliath, they’ll be conquered.


Please continue to pray for progress on pain relief and Craig’swork.  We still have to get most of thenew workers through interviews and inservices for one of the agencies they work through.  The other agency has cleared most of them, but they have to work through both agencies.  Pray for patience, strength, perseverance,endurance, and good spirits for Craig (and for Rick and me as well).  We are forever grateful that you are part of Team Craig.


Craig, Mary, and Rick

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Patty Connery
By Patty Connery
God Bless all of You, my heart breaks for you at each setback. Glad things are on a more positive roll. Prayers and Hugs from the left coast.
George Lobien
Dear Mary, Jesus offered a burden swap to the weary. But some burdens are too heavy to be lifted and handed over and our backs, bent by carrying them have forgotten how to straighten. Would that I could help carry your load. I care and would love to give you a "lift." Love, George