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Craig’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. 

Craig Schuff was at a friend's house on Lake Monona on Friday evening.  He dove into the lake and damaged his spinal cord.  He has no movement from below the shoulders.  He is currently in intensive care at University of Wisconsin hospital.  He has a breathing tube and feeding tube in so he can't talk at this point, but will be able to talk when the breathing tube is removed.  He will be in the hospital for a week, then some kind of rehab.  This is his mom writing.  We value your prayers, thoughts, and notes, calls, and visits.  Keep them coming. This is what will sustain us during the long journey ahead.

Latest Journal Update

breaking news

Dear Team Craig,

I received a text from Craig at 5:15, but I didn't see it until about a half an hour ago.  It contained one word.  "Passed."  We are excited and thankful.

Thank you, all of you, who have been thinking about and praying for Craig and his prelims.


Mary, Rick, and Craig 

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Vicki Norris
By Vicki Norris
Congratulations to Craig - Awesome!!!
Patty Connery
By Patty Connery
Fantastic !!
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George Hanusa
By Uncle George and Aunt Janet
Great news!
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marian wiggins
By marian
SCORE!!! so happy for you all - Congratulations!
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Sandra Juarez Posey
By Sandra Juarez
Wonderful news!! So happy that Craig has successfully completed this step!
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Jennifer Stockdale
By Jennifer Stockdale
Wonderful news! Congratulations Craig!
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Randall Schuff
By Randall Schuff
God is good, and Craig is smart!!
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