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Craig’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. 

Craig Schuff was at a friend's house on Lake Monona on Friday evening.  He dove into the lake and damaged his spinal cord.  He has no movement from below the shoulders.  He is currently in intensive care at University of Wisconsin hospital.  He has a breathing tube and feeding tube in so he can't talk at this point, but will be able to talk when the breathing tube is removed.  He will be in the hospital for a week, then some kind of rehab.  This is his mom writing.  We value your prayers, thoughts, and notes, calls, and visits.  Keep them coming. This is what will sustain us during the long journey ahead.

Latest Journal Update


February 19, 2015

Dear Team Craig,

I write these notes in a word file and then copy and paste onto Caring Bridge and Facebook. I noticed that the last date I posted was in early December. I had not realized that it had been so long.  I will try not to let so much time go by between postings.


We have had lots of ice and snow (for TN) this week, and schools have been out all week.  I have had the flu, and then a sinus infection. Because of my shortage of sick days, I took only one, and went to school while still weak from after effects of the flu. This last weekend I got the sinus infection, so I have been very grateful for the time to rest and recover. Yesterday was the first day that I felt a little better in some time.


We spent Christmas break in Wisconsin with Craig, my dad,and Alma.  Derek, Mary, and the girls were able to join us for part of it, which was wonderful.  We keep in close touch with Craig, and help when we can.  He is having trouble sleeping lately, and they have tried to adjust medication to deal with this.  Everything is so dependent on everything else.  The physical therapist suggested a kind of taping of his shoulders and back to stabilize his shoulders, so they don’t pop out at night.  When they pop out, it causes more pain.  His caregivers continue to experiment with that.  The governor of Wisconsin is trying to impose draconian cuts on the University system.  Often when people read of things like this, they don’t see the faces of the people affected by spending cuts.  Craig is one of those faces.  Because of impending cuts, his funding source for last year didn’t renew for this year. His advisor has been able to put something into place at least for now,but is still looking for alternatives for him. This makes us rather nervous, for he still has a year or more to go before he finishes.


Tomorrow, our granddaughter Nora will celebrate her first birthday.  Two days later, Maya will turn four.  The girls continue to provide much joy in our lives.


Please pray for better sleep for Craig, for pain relief, for the shoulder taping, and for his funding. We also ask for prayer for our friends Laurie and Jack.  They stopped here on their way back from Florida (to Wisconsin) about three weeks ago. She is struggling through the final stages of cancer. Pray for strength,courage, the powerful presence of God, and even miraculous healing.


Yesterday was Ash Wednesday in the Christian church calendar.  Here is the poem I wrote for the day:


prayer of the penitent

Thou must be emptied of that where with thou art full, that thou mayest be filled with that whereof thou art empty.  St.Augustine

I want

not to want

anything but



to see

that even the

ice glittering

in the sun

on the branches

outside my window

is drab as dust

ashes in the

blazing light

of your



I want

not to want

anything but



to grasp

that even the soft

cheek of my baby


is steel wool

against the

downy wing of

you my comforter


I want

not to want

anything but



to fathom

that the ocean

fills but a thimble

beside the living water

you flood over

my aching heart


for I know

only by being

fired with your flame

can my pain

cease to burn

can I find peace

in the pressure



I want

not to want

anything but







AshWednesday    2/18/2015

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Pat Trigg
By Pat Trigg
Sweet, sweet poem. Thanks for letting us know how to pray.
Margaret Steinacker
By Margaret Steinacker
Praying for his sleep and his funding. I love, love, love the poem.
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patty connery
By patty connery