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Zachary’s Story

Zachary received the gift of a new heart on February 19, 2011.  His journey for the last 10+ years has been challenging.  He is an incredible, inspirational young man.

February 2001: 
Diagnosed with Leukemia (ALL)

May 2007: 
Diagnosed with treatment related Leukemia (AML)

August 2007: 
Bone Marrow Transplant

February 2011: 
Heart Transplant

Lord, We pray that no more will be added to this list. We give thanks for hope, faith, and love.  Amen.

Latest Journal Update

Hi Zman Fans!

Once a Zman Fan, always a Zman fan!  Zachary is truly missed; he is missed so badly that it hurts.  On the flipside, we rejoice as he is no longer suffering, and he is at peace.  It just stinks for all of us who have had the honor & pleasure being a part of Zachary's journey.  What's not to miss?!  We miss his smiles, his hugs, and his neverending charm.  We miss his positive energy that would radiate off of him.  If you were at Zachary's graduation, you got to feel that energy.  He was so proud of his diploma that he was glowing.  Zachary could've lit a lighthouse with how much he was beaming.  Now there's a huge hole in our house, emptiness.  It's just weird how quiet everything is.

A couple of days after his celebration mass, Zachary was respectfully cremated.  That means Zach is back in our home in a beautiful wooden box.  He will be laid to rest at the St. Lawrence Cemetery in Navarino, and that will happen some time in the future.  We haven't even purchased a plot yet, but we'll keep you posted.   

We cannot even begin to express the thanks for your years of dedication, love & support for our family.  We hope you will always find time to "Play Well" because that is what LEGO means in Danish.  Zachary was a master with LEGO creations, and he was a master at touching each of us deeply in our hearts with love, courage & inspiration.  Now we must carry on and give love to each other as we miss Zachary.

Thanks for checking in!

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9 Comentarios

Shelly Deterville
By Shelly Deterville
That was beautiful! Our Courage Family is thinking of you guys! Love ya.
Liz Fitzgerald
By Liz, Greg, Liam and Gavin
Thank you for sharing as always you have allowed all of us to share your long journey and we have had the privilage of sharing Zachary's journey. He was an amazing man. Strong than all of us and now at peace. I hope you can all turn to each other and help to heal the gap Zachary has left. I like to think he made the whole in our lives bigger so we would look for more love to fill it. There have been alot of beautiful sunsets lately I like to think Zachary is sharing his love from above with us so we remeber how fortunate we are. Big Hugs and Prayers to you all.
Terry Erdmann
By Terry Erdmann
Very nice Suanne, and David. Thanks for placing Zach's memories back fresh in m mind today!! Sincerely, Terry Erdmann
Jill Giesler
Saw a rainbow the other day and automatically thought of Zachary. He has touched so many of us. What a caring, positive, inspirational soul!! We miss him.
Charlotte Rebbe
Thanks for the sharing. I only got to visit Zachary once or twice a year after I left St. Lawrence. But, his courage, friendliness and beaming smile was such a witness of what life and eternal life is all about. I always felt his presence an enrichment of God's love. Bless and love to all the family. Sr. Charlotte
Rebekka Budz
By Rebekka Budz
Beautiful!!! We kept our promise last night at the bonfire and Zman kept his with the presence of an angel💞
Shawn Christenson
By Shawn PT
Beautiful. Hugs 💓
Mary Rice
By Rick and Mary Rice
Cannot imagine your loss. Think of you all and send wishes for a new beginning. Hope your family strength and love will help you through this. Wishing Tim a fantastic senior year. Praying for all the Prestby family.