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In Honor of Zachary

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Zachary’s Story

Zachary received the gift of a new heart on February 19, 2011.  His journey for the last 10+ years has been challenging.  He is an incredible, inspirational young man.

February 2001: 
Diagnosed with Leukemia (ALL)

May 2007: 
Diagnosed with treatment related Leukemia (AML)

August 2007: 
Bone Marrow Transplant

February 2011: 
Heart Transplant

Lord, We pray that no more will be added to this list. We give thanks for hope, faith, and love.  Amen.

Latest Journal Update

Little sleep & confusion starting

Last night Zachary didn't sleep much, and he started to get confused.  He would be indecisive and need constant reassurance.  His confusion is mild compared to what is was, but of course, we don't want it to get any worse.  Today Zachary was very high maintenance, and he said okay probably about 500 times, maybe more.  We needed to give him positive feedback and direction.  It was a no dialysis day.  You know how it goes, on the seventh day there is rest and God said that it was good.  Zachary was able to be on the high flow canula all day today, and he is on bipap for night.  He needs to be on regular oxygen with the canula (no high flow) for discharge. Besides doing really well on the high flow canula, Zach ate more today.  All steps in the right direction.

Hope everyone especially Zachary has a good night!  Thanks for checking in!

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5 Comentarios

Kathy Homan
By Kathy Homan
Baby steps but in the right direction, thoughts and prayers.🙏🏻
Liz Fitzgerald
By Liz, Greg, Liam and Gavin
Hopefully today brings clarity and sleep. Zachary you are such a strong young man. Keep strong. big hugs and many prayers.
Mari Reinheimer
Sending thoughts, prayers and healing energy Zach's way!
Kylene Lichucki
By Mrs. Lichucki
Have a good night, Zach. ❤️
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Mary Rice
By Rick and Mary Rice
Saying our prayers for Zachary and the Prestby family. Thinking of you and wishing you well.