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August already?!

Back in mid-July, Zachary had an appointment with his surgeon that did his fistula.  The ultrasound (vessel mapping) showed that Zachary's arm was ready for access for dialysis treatment.  He just needed the okay from his local kidney doctor which we got at Zach's monthly (July) appointment.  Also at the monthly appointment, Zachary's labs were good, and treatments at home are going well.  There have been issues here & there with his arterial pressures, and I just need to do adjustments on the machine.  Zach has been having PT over the summer once, sometimes twice, a week.  He has been working online for a reading class, and he has met his teacher at the high school a few times for that class as well. 

Once while at the high school, I talked with Zachary's counselor, and we discussed Zachary returning to school this fall.  This is absolutely exciting since we thought he was going to pass away during the winter.  People who haven't seen him for a while are amazed at how well he looks and how well he's doing.  Yeah for prayers!

Back to accessing the arm for treatments..
Zachary started back at Davita in Green Bay for his dialysis treatments on July 31.  The nurse, Amber, who trained us back in February is working with us again.  Amber has been accessing Zachary's arm.  On day 1, she just did one needle poke for removing the blood in Zach's arm, and the blood return was still in his catheter line.  On day 2, Amber was able to access the arm again, but she had to made a few adjustments to the needle placement.  There was too much down time, and we were worried about blood clots.  Thus, Amber pulled the line, and she used just the catheter for the rest of the treatment.  

On Monday Amber was able to access Zachary's arm in 2 spots for both lines, and the same thing happened yesterday.  Today, Amber used a bigger needle and was able to access both spots again. Amber will have to use yet another bigger needle, and then Zach's treatments will be able to be at the needed blood flow rate.  After that goes well, then David & I will be trained access (poke) Zachary.  Actually, I'm hoping David takes care of this part because he has given Zachary all of his shots through the years.  When we are successful, we will back at home for treatments, and Zachary's catheter line may come out.  The fistula is the good option because with the line there is always a risk an infection.  Once the line comes out, Zachary will be able to swim again, and he won't have to shower/bath without having to worry about getting his line wet.  Sweet!

Please pray for easy access in the upcoming weeks.  It's quite the big needle compared to what is used for lab draws and flu shots.  Zachary as usual has been quite the trooper during this process.  Thanks for checking in!    
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Shawn Christenson
By Shawn Christenson PT
Continued prayers always! Way to go with PT!
Julie LaBerge
By Julie LaBerge
Hello Prestby's!
This is wonderful news! So happy that summer is going well. Truly a blessing :-)
Love to all!
Julie and family
Mary Rice
By Rick and Mary Rice
Great news Suanne! So glad the summer is going well and things are improving for Zachary. Looks like you'll be "back to school shopping" for Tim and Zach! :) We'll keep the prayers coming.