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What a Beautiful Day!

Good Morning!  Before I update, I just need to say this new format on Caring Bridge threw me for a loop.  It took me a little bit to work through it, so we'll have to see if the updates are better or not.

On June 23 Zachary had a sleep study done at one of the Children's Hospital clinics in New Berlin.  We had to be there at 7 pm, and once again, Zach got hooked up to many wires.  Fortunately, he had a good night, and the study was done shortly after 5 am.  Then they got us up & kicked us out, and we were home on the 24th for breakfast.  Yes, that was an early morning drive!

On June 24 late morning Zachary had his appointment with his kidney doctor in Green Bay, and there were a few changes in meds.  There is constant monitoring of his dry weight for treatments which we discussed.  We don't want to remove too much fluid because Zach's hands cramp.  We want to remove enough fluid so Zachary's lungs don't have fluid overload.  It's the balancing act.  Treatments at home are going well, and time spent at home is so much better than time on the road to a dialysis center.

On July 8 Zachary saw his pulmonary doctor at Children's Hospital in Milwaukee.  The results of his sleep study showed there were no changes needed to the settings on Zachary's BiPAP.  The doctor was extremely pleased with how Zachary looked, and she said he sounded like a million bucks when she listened to his lungs.  Yeah!  Cartwheels!  (Seriously, cartwheels aren't my thing, but it's a great visual!)  Zach also had a pulmonary function test, and his numbers improved by 12%.  The doctor said that is amazing in itself to have that much improvement.  More cartwheels!  Thus the title... What a Beautiful Day!  

Every day is beautiful when you are with your family & friends.  Every day is beautiful when we are surrounded by people like you, Zman Fans, who cheer us on through prayers and maybe even cartwheels!  Thanks for checking in!

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Kami Warren
THANK YOU for the update and what WONDERFUL news!! Continued prayers and love from the Warren Family!! : ) ♡
Michele Feivor
By Michele Feivor
Thanks for sharing the BEAUTIFUL DAY~it was wonderful to hear all about it - cartwheels and all! :D What a blessing and answers to prayers....keep up the great work Zachary - stay strong and keep enjoying the summer!! Love, hugs, and continued prayers always, The Feivor Family <3
Liz Fitzgerald
By LIz, Greg, Liam and Gavin
What wonderful news it's like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day. Great news!!

Big hugs and prayers.
Rebekka Budz
By Rebekka Budz
Awesome sauce!!!!!!!
Marcee Gohr
By Marcee
I will do a virtual cartwheel myself. Ha! :)
Thanks for letting us share in your Beautiful day!