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Treatment and then Pass

Zachary had a good sleep especially since the doc order no vitals through the night.  There were no labs or x-ray this morning either.  Zach had dialysis treatment this morning, and his weight is gradually decreasing.  That means the extra fluid is coming off, and Zach is breathing better.  He is at his baseline with the nasal canula at 1 liter of oxygen during the day.  Zach did not show signs of puffiness in the hands or ankles, and we had no idea that he was retaining too much fluid.  Now we have a new lower dry weight which is the weight after treatment.  Zachary is so sensitive, and his range to keep everything in balance is narrow.  That's a general statement for all of his body systems, but it rings true.  In the afternoon, Zach and I went out on pass.  We went to my brother's house, and we met David there after his trip in the rain.  Then, David was able to take Zach back to the hospital this evening while I headed home in the rain.  The plan is for treatment again tomorrow and discharge!  We just need everything to fall into place for the home BiPAP to be delivered.  If we would've had the home BiPAP today, he would've be able to go home.  

Thanks for checking in and hopefully the next posting will be news of HOME!