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Courtney’s Story

Courtney was born January 16, 2001. She was diagnosed with DIPG April 19, 2010. She was called home to Heaven October 31, 2010. Courtney was a peacemaker and was loved by everyone. She loved everybody. She was a very giving and unselfish child. She always had a ready smile and cheerful laugh. She enjoyed going to church, playing her violin and spending time with her family. She loved animals, dolls and anything miniature such as littlest pet shop. Throughout her illness she maintained a grace and poise beyond her years. She is greatly missed by her family, Mike (dad), LaNaye (mom), Andrea, Megan, Lauren, and Ryan. We take comfort in knowing that her pain is over and she is at home with our Lord.

On April 19th,2010 Courtney was diagnosed with a pontine glioma. This is a tumor that grows in the brain stem and is inoperable. It could not be biopsied because of the location. Prognosis is grim with an 7% survival rate at 2 years from diagnosis.

Dx: April 19th, 2010

Courtney was diagnosed at Children's Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama by Dr. Jeffrey Blount. Her oncologist was Dr. Alyssa Reddy.

April 19th, 2010-October 31, 2010
1. Radiation treatment at the Wallace Tumor Institute in Birmingham, Alabama. This consisted of 30 radiation treatments in 6 weeks (5 days a week).

2. A chemotherapy called Avastin (bevacizumab), that was given thru her port, bi-weekly during radiation therapy.
3. 80 mg. Temodar (temozolomide) given nightly for 42 days during radiation therapy.
4. We also gave her several herbal supplements. We took her to Rhonda Dial at Go Natural and had her tested for herbs to add to her diet to help improve her health. These included Paw Paw Reg Cell, Ruta 6, Calcera Phos., and Sanicle.
5. MRI on July 8, 2010 showed significant shrinkage.
6. August 2010-Treatment was stopped because she developed Aplastic Anemia.
7. MRI on October 6, 2010 showed that the tumor had started growing again.
8. Courtney passed away October 31, 2010.

Latest Journal Update

Happy Birthday!

Today we should be celebrating Courtney's 14th birthday but unfortunately because of DIPG we can't celebrate with her. It's hard to believe she would be a teenager and we wonder what she would want for her birthday, what kind of cake she would pick, would she let Ryan help her blow her candles out (we know she would). what a sisterly bond her and Lauren would have, how she would miss Andrea (Dave) and Megan (Tucker) not being there to celebrate because they live so far away, so many things we wonder about but one thing we know for sure is that she is waiting in Heaven for us and we look forward to the day we join her there. 

In honor of Courtney's 14th Birthday I would like to challenge you to donate $14 (or more) to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation at the link below. All funds and donations go to help other children (and their families) with brain tumors in Alabama as they travel this journey.
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Nadine Snodgrass
By Nadine Snodgrass
We miss beautiful Courtney so much! 💖
Sherry Gallagher
By Sherry Gallagher — last edited
What a beautiful sentiment towards your have others donate $14 is such a loving tribute to her memory. I'm sure Courtney is so proud of you all. We think of our son Jackson who would have been 12 years old next month, also a victim of DIPG. Looking forward to seeing him again in heaven as well and can't wait to meet Courtney when we get there. Much love to you all...
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Kim Vaughn
By Kim Vaughn
I hope you were all given much comfort on Courtney's special day....I know you miss her, love her and can't help but reflect on your memories & thoughts of where she would be...if only things were different. I'm continuing to remember your family in my prayers. Happy Birthday, Courtney! ♥
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Tania Hale
By tania burnette
Happy Birthday Courtney! Marykay and I think about you all the time
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Valerie Maples
By Valerie Maples
Happy birthday in Heaven, Courtney! Hugs and prayers from Mississippi!
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Deb Fuller
By Deb Fuller
I think of you everyday. 💚
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