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Cory’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We've created it to keep friends and family updated about Cory. Please sign the guestbook and leave a message for Cory or the family.

Cory began feeling sick in October 2010.  After MANY trips to the doctors office and several different antibiotics for ear and sinus infections we asked for an ENT eval.  We got this done Nov 29 and they too felt it was still just sinuses but agreed to do a CT scan for us.  They found a mass and immediately scheduled and MRI for the next day.  They were pretty sure the tumor was cancer but were hopeful it was benign.  Chris and I delivered the scans to St. Louis Children's Hospital on Dec 1 and the tests began---biopsy, bone marrow extraction, spinal fluid extraction, bone scans, etc.  We knew within a few days that it was Rhabdomyosarcoma which is a cancer of the soft tissues and muscles.  The tumor by this point had wrapped itself around Cory's eustacian tubes causing hearing difficulty and around the nerves of his left eye causing double vision and a complete closure of that eye.  It was close to his brain as well so surgical removal was not an option.

The "roadmap" for treatment is 6 weeks of radiation therapy--5 days on, 2 days off which he began right before Christmas and finished February 1.  And chemotherapy which is a big combo VAC(vincristine, actinomycin & cytoxin) which is administered and followed by 24 hours of IV fluids.  This is done every 3 weeks and during the middle 2 weeks he receives a quick vincristine push in the clinic.  This will last 42 weeks or more depending on how his body handles the treatment.  We currently are looking at the end of September!

Cory has had a few problems since diagnosis.  He has had an infection in his broviac port so it had to be removed, a PICC line replaced it until a new broviac could be put in.  The radiation really hit his throat hard thus making it very painful to eat.  We did TPN feedings until a Gtube could be placed for liquid feeds.  He has been hospitalized after every VAC treatment for fever and/or neutropenia. Sometimes coupled with infections.  The standard treatment for neutropenia is antibiotics, blood and platelet transfusions and patience to just wait for his counts to come back up and the fever go down.  These stays are generally between 4-10 days, but one lasted a month.

Cory has kind of fell into a pattern that we can predict pretty well.  Get VAC and puke for a few days, feel mediocre for a few days, get fever and neutropenia for a week and then feel pretty good until the cycle begins again.  He has made a lot of progress--the tumor has begun to shrink with God's help--he can now hear again and see again!

Cory made it through and received his last chemo on Oct 27, 2011--the same day the Cardinals won the world series.  He was SO EXCITED!!  Things went well.  His hair grew back, his strength came back and we were beginning to get our life back.  His 3 month scans were great and we were making plans to get the broviac removed in May after 6 month scans.....

In March 2012 after returning from his Make A Wish trip to Spring Training Cory began to feel bad.  He was having lots of pain in his arms, legs and back.  He was also requiring blood and platelets which had not been needed since treatment ended.  So we began making visits to St. Louis again.  The last week of March the doctors discovered that the Rhabdomyosarcoma had spread.  There were tumors all over his body and in his bones which was causing all the pain.  They began treatment 3 days later in St. Louis.  Cory will be doing 54 weeks of chemo treatments.  Radiation and surgery may be an option at some point to remove some of the tumors.

 We continue to pray for more healing until we have won this battle!

Latest Journal Update

Cancer Walk

Hello Cory's Caring bridge followers!   I wanted to let you know of a Cancer Walk that is happening this Saturday (Oct 6th) in Rantoul.  If you are free, you are welcome to join us.

A wonderful lady in town has worked to coordinate a Cancer Walk at Rantoul High School.  Unfortunately we have lost 3 young boys in the area to cancer in recent years and she tries to honor each of them during this  annual walk--Luke Remington, Ryan Coe and now Cory.

The walk lasts from 5-9pm and there will be bounce houses, games, silent auction items, food and prizes as well as live music.  As I understand it, there will be a Memorial Walk for Cory at 7:00.  The Star Wars Stormtroopers who came to the house will lead a walk around the track.  They are asking anyone who knows Cory to join in the lap to remember him.  We would love to have you there too!

Life is certainly tough in our house.  We miss him terribly each and every minute but we are looking forward to honoring him in this way on Saturday.  If you are not able to join us, we hope that you continue to keep us in your prayers as we are struggling to put our broken hearts back together.  We appreciate all your support and love!