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  • Written Jan 6, 2014 7:50pm

    Family and Friends ...

    Cory continues to improve and move forward as time progresses with his recovery. Don't think because its been couple of months since an update that he isn't pushing on.

    In summary - 

    Cory participated in the Gilbert Veterans Day activities, and was recognized for his service.

    Cory met up with fellow Rangers for breakfast in early November, and enjoyed the fellowship and hearty breakfast.

    Then it was off to the Team RWB run event that Cory was chosen as the official starter of the race. Yes, with a starter pistol, Cory enjoyed the sound of the start of the race.

    Cory then participated in the Lead the Way 5K run down hero's highway in New York City. Cory had a local bike merchant donate a bike to Cory and he biked with fellow Rangers by his side the entire distance. While it was quite cold, Cory finished and joined up at the after-party and enjoyed all the special ceremonies. It was very moving to observe.

    The Lead the Way Fund announced that Cory would the charity organization's first 'home purchase' and donate for Cory. The leaders, Jim and Mary Regan, made a point to have Cory be the first of hopefully many homes in the future, and Cory will be looking at a home in Gilbert, AZ. We are in the final review of several home options and Cory will be selected his future soon. Its quite a honor for Cory to be a recepient of a mortgage free home. Lead the Way has collaborated with the Jared Allen Homes for Hero's on this endeavor.

    Cory was then invited by the Gilbert Jewish Center to light the Menorah, and with Cory in his Dress Blue uniform, was hoisted upon a sissor lift to light the 10 foot stand.

    Cory visited his sister, Shelby and her family in Goldsboro, NC for Christmas, and enjoyed all the great times with family.

    Then Cory and Dad traveled to Ft. Worth, TX for the Armed Forces College Bowl game, where Cory was recognized on the field with other wounded warriors.

    This week, Cory is in Honolulu, Hawaii with Annie to participate in the Wounded Warrior Pacific Invitational meet. Cory will be biking on his recumbent, and trying several new events as well.

    Cory got his new service-dog-in-training ..  LEO .. a Dutch Shepherd that his sister, Shelby help to facilitate. LEO is getting trained as we as Cory ..

    Cory continues to have 4-6 hours EVERY WORKDAY of therapy of Speech, OT and PT. He is very close to walking consistently. He has walked on his own, and recently posted a video on facebook.

    Wishing that everyone had a very Merry Christmas and holiday, and a Happy New Year.

    More activity being planned real soon.  Cory and family is working on the new Cory Remsburg blog for his recovery  ..  more on that later. 


    The Remsburg Family

    Pic: Cory with his new service dog, LEO. 

  • Written Oct 26, 2013 9:29am

    Family and Friends ...

    We haven't dropped of the world ...  but Cory has been ultra busy with his continued rehab and adjustments to being home.

    In summary, the last 4 months have been filled with travel, family and rehab.

    The Whiteheart Foundation (http://www.whiteheartfoundation.org/index.html ) visited Cory at his home in Gilbert, AZ in June. Ryan and the team got to see some of Cory's workout equipment that they provided, and hung out all afternoon enjoying the day.

    Cory and his family traveled to Tampa FL, where Cory was able to 'surprise' his former Tampa VA Medical Center therapist team. They were all impressed by Cory's improvement and ability to keep his motivation. The family also got to visit with Cory's brother in law, Eric's family during a reunion in the area. Great trip!

    Cory had an one-on-one visit with the toughest sheriff in America, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Cory wanted to meet with him, and he extended the offer to come to his office. Cory got to talk about the Army with Sheriff Joe, and the Sheriff was so impressed with Cory's positive demeanor, that he officially designated Cory as a Special Deputy of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. He was presented with a Sheriff Badge and ID Card. The Sheriff also had some pictures taken, and signed a pair of the infamous pink underwear shorts that inmates wear while incarcerated. What can we say! 

    Cory took the offer by the US Military Academy Commandant of Cadet, Brig General Rich Clarke to attend a West Point football game. Cory traveled to NY and participated in several awesome activities, including having lunch with the thousands of cadets, being honored at the Army tailgate party, meeting the latest Medal of Honor reciepent SSG Ty Carter & the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Cory was presented a West Point football jersey (Number 75) with a Ranger Scroll sewed on it. Cory was honored at the game and brought out on the field, and the cadets started chanting U. S. A. repeating throughout his bio was announced to the crowd. To top off the big Win for Army Football that day, Cory got to meet up with the West Point chapter of Team Red White Blue. Cory walked with Gen Clarke, Col Mennes, ant Team RWB members.  Cory also met up with former 1/75 Battalion Commander Col Brian Mennes and his wife.

    Cory's uncle Jeff (father of Ranger Jeff Remsburg, 1/75) spent a week of his vacation to assist with relocating Cory's personal property to Gilbert, AZ. His first stop was Goldsboro, NC where he got Cory's F150 pick-up truck, and then drove to Savannah, GA. There he closed out of one of Cory's storage units, and he picked up Cory's 23' SeaRay boat. Jeff then drove across the country to delivered everything intact to Cory. Thanks Jeff for the love and support that keeps on giving! 

    Then off to St. Louis for the Joshua Chamberlain Society charity shoot. Cory got to see all of his JCS family and friends, and also visited with Danielle and Johnny Clark too. Cory and Craig went to a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game and enjoyed hot dogs and drinks.

    The next weekend after St. Louis, Cory was selected to attend the Special Operations Command (SOCCOM) Tri-Camp at the NIKE facilities in Beaverton Oregon. The week long event that a dozen wounded warriors attended featured special coaching opportunities, swimming, biking and weight lifting. Needless to say, Cory totally enjoyed the time spent at this beautiful facility. He also was provided a $500 gift card to buy from the NIKE store .. he loves to shop! While in Beaverton, Cory got to have dinner with Jan & Kurt Wolfer, parents of Ranger Matt Wolfer. Great evening talking about life ....  love the Wolfers!

    Then the next weekend, it was off to New York again, this time to attend the Giants football game. Cory, his brother Chris and Craig got to be treated with VIP services as customary with the NY Giants organization. Special parking passes, on field pre-game passes, and VIP seats in an all you can eat Legacy Suite tickets. Got to catch up with Giants friends Bill Squires, Ally Stangeby and Ethan Medley. Awesome trip, even though the G-men didn't win ... 

    Upcoming trips include participating in the Lead the Way Fund Run down Hero's Highway in November back in NY City, Giants football game at San Diego, Army/Navy football game in Philly, and Xmas celebration in Goldsboro, NC.

    The guy won't stop, and the family is on a journey!

    In August, Cory's story about meeting President Obama for the 3rd time got attention from the NY Times newspaper. All politics' aside, Cory was grateful that Obama requested to personally meet while in Phoenix, and using Cory's story at the Disable American Veterans national meeting.



    Go to 35:50 to listen about Cory's story to the DAV audience.

    We will include Cory's messages in next journal update, and its anticipated Cory will start his own journey blog early next year, and move away from the caringbridge site. This site has been wonderful to keep family and friends up to date ..   we appreciate everyone's support.


    The Remsburg Family

    Pic: Cory at NIKE facilities in Beaverton, OR in the pool, perfecting his backstroke with a coach.

  • Written Jun 17, 2013 6:26am

    Family and Friends .. 

    Cory is transitioning very well in Phoenix, Arizona!  As with his usual zest for life and living, he has been quite busy with his therapies and events.

    Since the last journal update:

    Cory was honored by the Town of Gilbert with Operation Welcome Home ceremony, which featured the Town Mayor, local and state politican's and visiting dignitaries from around the country. We were blessed to have

    • Colonel Russ Kotwal, former Ranger Regiment Surgeon traveled in from College Station, TX. Dr. Kotwal met Cory 'downrange' when his injury occurred and stayed with Cory for several weeks during all the hospital movements, including Bethesda. He remains involved with Cory and family for his continued recovery.
    • Command Sergeant Major Hiram Ortiz (ret), from McDill AFB, Tampa, FL.  Hiram is Cory's Special Operations Command Care Coalition Recovery Advocate. Hiram has been Cory's Advocate since arriving at the Tampa VA center over 3 1/2 years ago, and continues in an official capacity to monitor, advise, assist with Cory in his recovery.
    • Mary Regan & Jill Backlin from the Lead the Way Fund (Ranger charity) in Long Island, NY. Mary and her husband Jim, started the Lead the Way when there son, Sgt James Regan was killed in action. They have been instrumental since day 1 of Cory's injury, with transportation assistance, and continue today with being family friends and strong supporter of Cory's recovery.
    • Sgt. Sugden and Sgt. Jeff Remsburg from the 1st Battalion Rangers, Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, GA. Cory's unit sent these two Rangers to support Cory in his recovery, and participate in the Welcome Home event. Of particular note, Cory's cousin, Jeff, just returned from Afghanistan two days earlier, but was proud to be part of Cory's welcome home.
    SFC Cory Remsburg article in the Arizona Republic newspaper on the Town of Gilbert Operation Welcome Home ceremony.

    Cory also spoke to the audience with a speech he prepared with his speech therapist. 
    Thanks to the Town of Gilbert (especially Ms.Lisa Rigler) for the special event in honor or Cory's move home. Many family members attended the event, including Cory's grandmother, Flo Ruud and Karen and Ken Peterson.
    Then Cory flew to New York City as an guest of the Wounded Warrior Project to attend the Courage Awards.  It was a great visit, and Cory was able to meet several Tampa VA hospital patients and family.
    During the NYC trip, Cory was invited back to Rescue 5 station of the FDNY for lunch. Cory was treated to a home-made pasta lunch and was able to bring all the firefighters up to speed on his recovery and goals. Thanks Karan Crow for coordinating that special day.
    Also during the NYC trip, Cory was invited to NY Giants practice and lunch with the team (Thanks Ethan Medley). The Giants sent a car to pick up Cory, and Cory was able to watch about 45 minutes of practice. Of particular note, as the players came off the field, many thanked Cory for his service. When Eli Manning came off the field, he immediately stated 'Hey Cory, how have you been'!  How cool was that! Then Coach Coughlin visited with Cory as well. Then Cory was treated to lunch with the team, catch up with some of the Giants staff. Thanks again to Ethan Medley, who has continued to follow Cory, and makes sure when Cory is in town, he reaches out to meet and get together.
    Cory flew home late on Friday evening from NYC, then caught a plane mid morning Saturday (yes, next day) to Los Angeles, to be a VIP guest at the Casa Colina Hospital 75th Anniversary GALA event. Cory dressed in the Blues Dress uniform, was introduced to the crowd and recieved a standing ovation. Cory addressed the audience with a speech that resonated his recovery story and never giving up. 
    A leader of the US Army Ranger Association attended Cory's Welcome Home ceremony, and was very moved by Cory's story. So, Cory was invited to the Ranger Association Annual Meeting, and asked Cory to speak at the event as well in July at Ft. Benning, GA.
    When Cory is not traveling, he has therapy Mon-Fri at a private rehab facility in downtown Phoenix. Speech, PT and OT are part of his daily schedule. 
    Cory continues to be supported by Team RWB Phoenix Chapter by riding with him on Sunday's. The supporting team is called 'Remy Riders', and Cory is now up to 11 miles in distance. Just several weeks ago it was 6 miles ..  the man is on the move! 
    Now the important stuff ...  Cory's words ... 

    Monday started with speech worked on my welcome home speech followed by to focus on finding midline to end the day walked on treadmill for 1+ miles quick pace watched friends with benefits hilarious


    Tuesday started with speech reciting my speech  for tomorrow after therapy had a interview with Arizona republic I don't mind all the media attention it's a positive story except how it started  cousin came in today to welcome me home<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />



    Wednsday started with pt broke my record walking walked for .3 miles following pt had speech spoke speech to end therapy had Ot got fitted for new night time splint for wrist to end that long day the city of Gilbert Arizona my new home had a huge welcome home ceremony for me must have benn 200+ people after the ceremony ate at Texas Roadhouse very humbling ceremony seeing as how just to name a few rangers who've given everything SGT Sanchez my injury sgt doc Jon penny sgt jimmy regan SSG Anthony Davis never came home there heros to me because I know what they have been through and did you can compare army rangers to your local swat team we go after a specific guy usually very bad.we don't patroll or guard the forward operating base (fob) because it cost so much to fully train a ranger not to be rude but we are not expendable we pack a big punch were not peace keepers were peace makers out of 100+ that sign up about 3% make it all the way through basic airborne (rip)ranger indoctineration now (rasp) ranger assessment and selection program once completed you get assigned to 1 of 3 ranger battalion savannah 1 columbas3 Tacoma 2 once there you can deploy once decided your ready mentally and physically to go to ranger school i


    Thursday started with pt walked 3 miles on tredmill after pt had Ot got to lift weights


    Friday started with it standing balance mini tennis balance on large ball working on strengthening core to end therapy had speech had a new speech person she went over goals for each therapy pt to walk with a cane ot use left arm more speech get louder and increase inteligalblility guessing with context it's 100% without its 90% the reason I complain so much is I like thing done a specific way been retreading guest comments lately WOW I had no idea how many people I've touched thank you barely covers my appreaction visited a disabled person's gym for shits and giggles tried rock wall went further than thought would had chipotle for lunch I dislike all the "special" attention


    Friday started with pt testing walked 480 feet in 6 minutes had speech worked on pitch while keeping intelligatility


    Started Monday with ot  "drivers ed" I said I'm 30 without a drivers license there's 18 year old people with much worse issues than me with drivers license  after Ot had pt walked 20 minutes no brace finished the day with speech focus on R they thought I grew up in Boston 


    Tuesday started with Ot focus on driving skills my Ot does not think driving should be an issue with modification like enlarged mirrors John deer knob after Ot walked for 20 minutes In pt to finish my day spoke focus on dipdongs like cow and percentage


    Monday started with Ot focus on sholder  after Ot had pt balancing and left leg needs to be stronger to finish day went to gym


    Wednesday started with speech focus on split attention the main reason I complain is I expect u to do ur job 100% nothing less if u can't I don't. Or need ur help after speech  had pt walked 20 feets pushing the harness keeping me forward with no body support finished with Ot still little arm extension if I relax my bicep  went to archad to see how my driving was coming big difference shopped for identity thief.


    As you can see, Cory continues to push himself everyday.


    Cory's furniture from Tampa, FL is schedule to arrive this week to his new home. Thanks Joshua Chamberlain Society for picking up cost to relocate Cory's belongings! 


    Cory will stay with Dad and Annie till all furniture is set, and consideration for some long term caregiving is finalized. It is anticipated that mid-July Cory will be living in his own home.


    The family is working on finding Cory a permanent home that has been modified or built specifically for Cory. Lots of energy and efforts by many are still pursuing this endeavor.




    The Remsburg Family


    Pic: Cory with fellow Rangers walking out of the Welcome Home ceremony. 

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