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Burnsville Prayer Breakfast

Yikes, it's been since Thanksgiving that we last posted?!  We are all doing well at the Watters house.  It seems like we are mourning when we feel like it, laughing too, and letting grief slowly works its way.   Everyone has little photos or remembrances of Victor stashed in a special spot on their desks or mirror.   Don't know whether I'll ever be able to sing the song "Stronger" in church without crying.   It is bitter sweet to see the gravesite.  When we visited on Easter Sunday we shook our heads and wondered at what a great Easter Victor was having in heaven.  Now that the weather is warmer, Mike has added more grass seed.

Amazingly, Meghan (2.5 yrs old now) continues to remember well and asks to see Victor's picture or video pretty frequently. She's the cutest trouble-maker in the house... has called 911 TWICE already and can get into the girls' nailpolish or up on the top bunk before anyone know's she's gone.  She painted her doll's toenails with nailpolish the other day.  And we are in the midst of serious potty training.  She has a princess potty and loves the Tic-Tack rewards for dry princess pull-ups.

Thought I would also mention that Mike and I are speaking at the Burnsville Prayer Breakfast this Friday morning (4/27).  Tickets are still available if anyone would like to come: