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Morning Before Surgery

IIn a couple of hours Deb, Eric, and I will be at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis awaiting Eric's surgery.  It is scheduled for noon, so if the Lord brings Eric to mind, please pray for him, as well as for the hands that will be working to remove whatever is growing near his jaw.

A number of you, as well as friends that we've bumped into the last couple of days, have asked how we are doing with all of this ... Victor's deterioration and death/funeral/burial ... and 2 days later having another doctor raise the spector of another tumor/cancer/malignancy.  Those are not words that we are unfamiliar with, and both Deb and I had considered that possibility prior to having a physician actually say the words--but there was a momentary shock, I think, for both of us, at the prospect that God might allow us to go through another childhood cancer experience. 

Certainly, some of the human emotions and fears that you would expect us to have were present, I won't lie to you.  However, it wasn't comparable to when we heard tumor/cancer for the first time in connection with Corinne's illness.  Nothing close.

We know and have seen God carry us through Corinne's illness ... and then Victor's illness.  We KNOW that He is 100% in control of whatever is growing in Eric's jaw, even thought it sometimes FEELS LIKE events are spinning out of control ... We know that in a way that we did not know (and, perhaps, could not know) prior to Corinne's and Victor's illness.  God IS FAITHFUL.  He has been faithful.  He will be faithful. 

That doesn't mean that God won't allow hardship or pain or suffering to enter into our lives.  It doesn't mean that our concepts of "fairness'  and prosperity and blessing won't be challenged (and, ultimately, changed to be in conformity to His Word). 

It does mean that we do not need to be anxious (Philippians 4:6) ... and that we do not need to fear (Isaiah 40:10; 13) ... and that God will accomplish all of His purposes (Isaiah 46:9-11).  These truths have strengthened and increased our faith over the past few years, and we pray that they have strengthened and increased yours as well.  God is good.  God is for us.  God declares the beginning from the end.  He is in control.  Nothing surprises Him.  Nothing with thwart His purposes ... not death, nor Satan, nor cancerous tumors, nor anything else.  We rest in Him and find shelter from any pending storm in the shadow of His wings.  And these truths are the rocks that we cling to today while the storm of uncertainty swirls about us. 

Thank you for praying with us.  For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things.  To Him be the glory forever.  (Romans 8:36).