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Corey’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site, created to keep friends and family updated on the condition of Corey Stingley. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Corey was critically injured during a recent incident that followed a misunderstanding at a local area store and the three individuals responsible for his injuries were arrested with criminal charges pending.

Corey did not survive the brain injuries he sustained. God decided to heal him in heaven instead of here on earth. Amen!

Latest Journal Update

Absent from the Body, is to be Present with the Lord

Now that God has provided us all the grace that is always sufficient to lay our Beloved Corey to rest and release him from this physical realm, into the Heavenly Glory of God, the Stingley Family would like to thank every person that has chosen to walk this portion of our life Journey with us.

It is our prayer and we trust that it is the Will of God that we will all grow in Grace and in the Knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Over the past several weeks, we have knit our Hearts together in Prayer, asking God to perform a Miracle that the World has never seen and Heal Corey from his sever brain injury, restore his health and return him to the bright and energetic young man that touched our lives in so many ways.

Well, in Gods Soverign Wisdom, He decided not to grant us all our specific prayer request but He has seen fit to show us a different Miracle in changing the minds, hearts and lives of all of us in more ways than we can begin to imagine.

The Word of God tells us "They That Wait Upon The Lord Shall Renew Their Strength, They Shall Mount Up With Wings Like Eagles, They Shall Run And Not Grow Weary, They Shall Walk And Not Faint".

The Stingley Family, would like to encourage all of our extended Family and Friends to be patient and wait on the Lord, to watch and see if He will not open up the windows of Heaven and pour out on all of us a Blessing, Strengthen our Faith and Trust in Him, as He executes His Justice on those individuals who have wronged us. We would also encourage each of us to offer up "Forgiveness" to the (3) adult men who took the life of Corey by their unnecessary actions. Forgiveness as an Action and Attribute is something from the heart of God and provided for each of us, to allow God to adequately Punish those who have wronged us in causing the Death of our Beloved Corey.

Forgiveness for these men does not excuse what they have done, nor does it relieve them from paying the penalty for their Crime. Forgiveness, allows those of us who can genuinely offer it to release the Pain, Anger and Bitterness that could have a negative effect on our own individual lives.

As Corey's Pop, I specifically ask you all to join me in this action of forgiveness and to avoiding doing anything out of anger or emotion that will Dishonor God, Tarnish our Memory of Corey or Disrupt the process that needs to take place and be completed and these (3) adult men brought to Justice.

Please know that our Miracle is happening right before our eyes and we are all growing stronger everyday and Corey is being allowed by God Himself, to observe the Impact his life and sacrifice for the Plan of God is having and will continue to have as we keep pouring Love and Life into each other so that we can all move forward and make a difference in the lives we encounter, because we have surrendered to the Perfect Will of God and Trust In Him, to use us all to make this world a better place no matter where God may lead us into our future.

Wait upon the Lord and see Him Complete the Work that He has selected us all to be a part of in His Great and Amazing Plan for Mankind.

Be Blessed and Praise the Holy Name of God with us, as we give Him the Glory, Great Things He has and is doing.

In Christ, the Stingley Family