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Cookie’s Story

In early July, Cookie noticed what we believed to be a bite of some sort on her lower right leg. Soon, she had many more. She noticed that she would find herself sleepy and in need of a nap. Then, more spots appeared with fevers and even more spots. The doctor thought  the spots and fevers were the result of an infection or virus.This lead us to a string of consultations with an infectious disease doctor, a rheumatologist and a dermatologist.Two biopsies were taken from the nodules on her legs and the test results came back negative for an infection or virus. Finally, she was diagnosed with Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma.

Latest Journal Update

Now she heals.....

Cookie did great in surgery today.  The doctor was amazed at how shot her left hip was.  He now understands why she is "One Tough Cookie!"  He said her hip was essentially broken and mostly collapsed.  He couldn't imagine the level of pain she must have been living with. 
The first 48 hours is the worst pain, but the team at Children's Hospital is working hard to make sure she is comfortable. We will see how the next couple of days go - home Sunday or Monday.   She is typical Cooks....good spirits, flashing us an ocassional sweet smile.  I think I even caught her sending somebody a snap-chat!
We have felt all of your prayers, kind notes of support - again we experience our amazing support group!  So very blessed!

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20 Comentarios

Jayne Schaefer
By Jayne Schaefer
Katie S schaefer tells me that you are as beautiful as always both inside and outside. We love you and PRAY for you. EVERY DAY. Jayne and Dick Schaefer
Cathy Richter
By Cathy Richter
Glad to hear her surgery went well. I hope she is speeding along on the road to recovery. Take care Cookie and the whole Top gang! Continuing to send many positive thoughts and prayers your way.
karen lynch
By karen lynch
You are an amazing soul Cookie Topp! You are showing all of us what it is to be strong. We know its not easy or fun..but know you are having a very positive impact on so many people. Many who you don't even know..like my own children. Sending you love and prayers sweet girl!
Maureen Cline
By Maureen Cline
Another "bump" in the journey of life. Glad to hear you are on the mend
The Cline's are spending love and prayers :)
Ellen Bomhack
By Mrs. Bumblebee Bomhack💕💌
So glad that you were finally able to have the surgery❤️😍💘 Thinking of you and so proud to be your friend!
Mary Velez
By The G-V's
Hey Cooks,
You are in good hands. The G-V's are sending prayers your way for a quick recovery. Loving!
Ted Matkom
By Beth & Clare Matkom & Family
Hi Linda. Thanks for update. Matkom family praying for Cookie's comfort and for the hospital nurses that they stay on top of Cookie's pain as best as they possibly can! Hang in there Cookie--always so amazed by your strength! Hugs to all!
Mary Stoiber
By Mrs. Stoibs and Fam
Cookie, I was thinking and shooting out prayers for you and your family all day yesterday. You know you are in good healing hands now! You are doing great! Much love!
bj fritsch
By Barb Fritsch
Ho9pe to see her up and about soon!
Judy LaFond
By — last edited
Glad to hear the surgery went well! I can't imagine the pain. We send our love, hugs and prayers always!
Miss Kreul and Miss LaFond