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So I guess the most frequently asked question is how did we know?? So I will take time to tell our story on how it all started. We had noticed that Connor may had been getting a hernia (which is very normal in young boys) so we made an appointment with his pediatrician and she found that we were correct about the hernia but we needed to see what was causing the hernia, so in her normal check up she noticed that his liver and spleen were enlarged and felt that we needed to take him to Ai for an ultra sound and closer look. Well what happened next has changed our lives forever. We were diagnosed with stage 3 liver cancer. CANCER its a word that has seemed so evil to us these last few days, a word that we have been afraid to say, a word that we couldn't say, a word that literally took our breath away. Cancer was the word that stopped our family's whole world in one simple second. As evil as this word has been and is, We are now realizing we must come to terms to help our son Fight his battle against Hepatoblastoma (cancer) Please feel free to follow along on Connors journey to beat cancer. Between us parents and grandparents we will try to keep this site updated as frequently as possible and let our Family and closest friends help Connor fight as well. We will share messages with connor if you would like to leave him one and we will keep you updated with his status as frequently as possible. Thank you


Jamie Salzman posted a new journal entry, "Happy Fathers Day!!".

So let me start by telling all the great daddy's or single mommy's who work overtime doing both, Happy Father's Day!! Last year we spent this holiday in the hospital ... Read more

Jamie Salzman posted a new journal entry, "A time to mourn".

It's been a very busy month for me and Connor. Lots of doctors appointments and labs but that's really normal (everything looks good) we also have decided to enroll Connor ... Read more

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I'm sorry that Connor has gotten such side effects from the chemo. He is one brave little boy and you are also one brave little Mommy! I will continue to pray that his ... Read more

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Hi brave connorMy name is Jenna and I came across your site. Iam new to your page and will be keeping up with your updates, and siging the guestbook from time to time.  i ... Read more

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It's been a while since I wrote in this Journal, I always think about doing it but life gets so busy that I push it to the side like it's a chore which is weird because a ... Read more

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Congratulations Connor. It is a positive step no matter how small. Prayers still coming your way Read more

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Fantastic, I will be happy f or all your good news.  One step at a time and you are right--direction going the right way. Prayers are still coming!!! Bless you and your ... Read more

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Connor's labs are trending the right way!!! WooHOO! They didn't drastically change but a few numbers in the right direction is better then a few numbers in the wrong ... Read more

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Today is March4th which means it has been One year since we found out our little boy had cancer. I remember it like it was yesterday. Even when I dont want to remember it, ... Read more

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