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Connor’s Story

So I guess the most frequently asked question is how did we know?? So I will take time to tell our story on how it all started. We had noticed that Connor may had been getting a hernia (which is very normal in young boys) so we made an appointment with his pediatrician and she found that we were correct about the hernia but we needed to see what was causing the hernia, so in her normal check up she noticed that his liver and spleen were enlarged and felt that we needed to take him to Ai for an ultra sound and closer look. Well what happened next has changed our lives forever. We were diagnosed with stage 3 liver cancer. CANCER its a word that has seemed so evil to us these last few days, a word that we have been afraid to say, a word that we couldn't say, a word that literally took our breath away. Cancer was the word that stopped our family's whole world in one simple second. As evil as this word has been and is, We are now realizing we must come to terms to help our son Fight his battle against Hepatoblastoma (cancer) Please feel free to follow along on Connors journey to beat cancer. Between us parents and grandparents we will try to keep this site updated as frequently as possible and let our Family and closest friends help Connor fight as well. We will share messages with connor if you would like to leave him one and we will keep you updated with his status as frequently as possible. Thank you

Latest Journal Update

Happy Fathers Day!!

So let me start by telling all the great daddy's or single mommy's who work overtime doing both, Happy Father's Day!! Last year we spent this holiday in the hospital recovering from Connor's possible rejection after transplant so it's pretty exciting that Connor gets to be out celebrating this day with his dad. Connor has changed so much in this past year it is simply amazing to watch him grow and learn new things everyday. Last friday (june 6th) we celebrated Connor's second chance at life as his liver was turning 1. Nana took all of the grandkids to our local beaches and went to a waterpark. Connor went on the same waterslide probably over 100 times but it was just so great to see his big belly with his huge scar waddling up the stairs to the slide over and over with the biggest smile on his face. To know how hard he worked to get where he is I absolutely love seeing him finally getting to enjoy life. His brother and cousin had a pretty great time too and I loved seeing all of my favorite boys be so happy. Then on Saturday we celebrated Connor's 3rd birthday!!!! Just saying it I feel overwhelmed with emotion reminding my self how blessed we are. Connor turned 3!! Now obviously nobody was able to top the amazing gift of life Connor received last year for his 2nd birthday but Nana did get him a bike and Connor was definitely happy. It's been raining all week here so he still has not had the opportunity to  ride the back but im actually very excited to teach my son how to ride a bike. It was a very busy week for us filled with so many blessings, On Sunday we had two volunteers from Make A Wish Mid Atlactic come to our home to grant Connor a wish. The whole experience is just amazing. The friendly smiles of two people volunteering their time to give our son a smile, the whole concept of giving a child who has had a really hard life a Wish is just amazing. On Monday Connor was registered for school. He will start the ESY program on Wednesday. I cant believe how fast he is growing. On Wednesday Connor had a biopsy done and the liver looks good. There was signs of inflamation in it but no rejection and no disease so were happy. Wednesday did get pretty busy for us however, We woke at 5am to get to Dupont by 7am for ultrasound, ct scan and biopsy. Ct scan was also clear of any disease. We left the hospital around 4pm but were only home for about an hour before I rushed Connor to our nearby urgent care. Connor had a hernia that I was concerned about and the doctors quickly became concerned as well, they drew some labs and saw that Connor's hemoglobin was significantly dropping since the biopsy and they feared internal bleeding. We rushed back to Dupont's ER (our second home) and practically spent our night there. After more pokes for more labs and more ultrasounds Connor's hemoglobin started to come back up and the ultrasound showed normal fluid around the liver. Finally leaving Dupont at 330am. Connor does have a hernia though and he will need surgery but elective surgery. We have an appointment on Wednesday (after his first day of school) with his surgeon to set up a plan. I'm not happy that Connor will be in the OR again but with everything he's gone through i'm sure it will be a walk in the park for him. He's happy and in no pain and by looking at him you would have no idea he's been through everything he has been through. Prayers for a safe surgery would be wonderful and I will update as soon as possible. Thank you for all of the continued prayers and support. Our family is blessed and Dreams really do come true. Thank you to Make A wish for their amazing generosity and I cant wait to see Connor's face light up when his wish comes true. Please consider donating you miles to Make A wish or any donation would be appreciated. What they do is amazing.   xoxo Mom