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Conner’s Story

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On May 19, 2006 my life changed forever. My husband Kris had a motor vehicle accident that killed him and my 6 year old son Adam. Conner was one at the time, and suffered a spinal cord injury at C1, 2 and 3. The doctors told me the night of the accident to prepare myself because Conner would never survive through the night. We had thousands of people praying for Conner that night and for God to do a miracle in him! I have never prayed so hard before in my life for something. I just begged God to let Conner live. I needed him. I was 29 years old and just lost everything that was precious to me! I had no idea how I was ever going to survive this tragedy. That is the thing though, without God you can't survive a tragedy as great as this! Well clearly you can see that Conner survived through the night. The next few weeks were really hard though. The doctors told me that Conner was going to have no quality of life and would be paralyzed from the neck down. He was also in a coma and ended up coming down with spinal meningitis. His outcome did not look good. He was on a ventilator and couldn't breath on his own. The doctors told me that I needed to let Conner go. They even went as far to tell me that they would put him in my lap and let me rock him to sleep (death)! I was mortified!! I told them there was no way I was going to do that, and that God could have taken Conner when the accident happened. It wasn't a survivable accident! God saved him from the wreck for a reason! I told them I was having faith and believing in God to heal Conner! They did not support my decision and told me I was being very selfish and not thinking about Conner's quality of life! I told them that God could take Conner right now if he wanted him. I told them that where there is life, you always choice life! Today I am so thankful that I put my faith and trust in God! Conner is a living miracle, and yes we have had a very hard road to follow and continue to have a huge journey in front of us, but the blessings God has given us along the way, have been absolutely amazing! It has been almost 7 years since the accident happened and Conner is making great strides everyday! He is able to breath on his own off the vent for over an hour right now. Which if he can breath an hour on his own, he will continue to get stronger and be able to come off the ventilator one day!! We just have to keep praying and believing! He has all feeling and sensation throughout his body! He can use his arms to roll over from his side to his back! He gets stronger and stronger everyday! God also brought love back into my life again, and I remarried 2 years ago! He is a great man of God and is a great daddy to Conner! God has blessed our lives more than I could ever imagine or deserve! We do still have hard days and struggles, but God is always faithful to take care of our every single need! We are believing that God will completely heal Conner one day and he will be a walking testimony for God! I pray that God uses him and his testimony for his GLORY and KINGDOM!!! We appreciate all the prayers you lift up to God on behalf of Conner! We ask that you continue to pray and believe with us that God is going to completely heal Conner! We serve and AWESOME and AMAZING God!!!

Isaiah 40:31

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.


Latest Journal Update


Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is having a great week! We are starting our second week at Kennedy Krieger in Baltimore! Conner has been working so hard while being here! It always amazes me to watch the strength and determination he has! He honestly inspires me!! Just to watch the concentration it takes for him to just move his arm, and how we take that for granted every second of the day! He has therapy from 8-12 everyday. That would be like us working out for 4 hours at a time! I don't know about you, but I don't think I could last that long working out! What I love the most though, is he always has a smile on his face! God has gifted him with such a sweet personality! Even when he is exhausted, he keeps on going!

 They have been working and focusing on his upper body while here this trip. Conner has started using his arms more over the last year, so we are focusing on getting them stronger so he will be able to use them on his own again! Today they had a sensor around his wrist that allowed him to actually play a video game on the computer as he moved his arm to control it. After being told in the beginning that my sweet little boy would never be able to do anything like this ever again on his own, my heart was filled with so much joy today watching him!! Just for him to have a sense of playing by himself, was the best thing ever!! Not to mention, while he was playing the game, he was also working on strengthening his arm! If we can get his upper body strong and working correctly, he can do anything in life on his own!! 

So many people ask us why we have to come all the way to Baltimore with Conner, so I wanted to explain that. For one, we are very limited on where we can even go in the US that does pediatric spinal cord injury rehab and on a ventilator. A few years ago, there was only 5 places in the whole US that did it. We did lots of research in the beginning and none of the other places even compared to what they do here at KKI! We have been coming here twice a year now for the last 7 years. Conner has made so many strides in his recovery since coming here. Not only do they push him to his limit in the 2 weeks we are here, but they also train us on how to work with him at home. If it wasn't for that, we wouldn't have a clue what to do with him. Even though we have good therapist where we live, they are not trained on spinal cord injuries, Spinal cord injury rehab is not the same as just regular therapy. We are having to retrain and re-wire the pathways of his nerves in his spinal cord! Therapist at home only come for an hour a week, so it is up to us to do all of Conner's therapy! Which I wouldn't have it any other way! The joy we receive from getting to experience this journey with Conner, is very rewarding!! KKI is a necessity for Conner! It is important that we are able to continue to come here every year! So that is the short version of why we continue to come here! I could go on and on about all the reasons, haha! 

Friday will be our last day of therapy and then we will head back home on Saturday. Please pray for safe travels as we head back home! Then next week we have to go to Dallas Monday and Tuesday for doctors appointments. One of them is the nephrologist (kidney) doctor and the other appointment is the pulmonologist. Then we will get going strong on his new therapy program they are sending us home with and his school! We are praying that this next year, Conner makes leaps and bounds in his progress with recovery!! They were telling us the other day what a miracle it is that Conner is so healthy. They said that most of their patients with as high as a spinal cord injury as Conner has, have lots of health issues! I credit all of that to God! He has his hand over Conner protecting him and giving us the knowledge of how to take care of him!! We will just keep praying and believing that God is going to do amazing things in Conner's life!! I don't believe that God half way does a miracle and the best is yet to come with Conner! 

I also wanted to ask you to pray for my uncle. His name is Stanley. He has diabetes and has been in the hospital for the last week. He got a sore on his foot and it got infected. Now it has turned into gangrene. They have had to remove all of his toes on his foot and are hoping they don't have to remove his whole foot. They are giving his foot a few more days to see if the infection gets better. Please be praying that they do not have to remove his foot! He was really upset last night, when they had to remove his toes. It makes me sad for him! 

We hope that you all are having a very blessed week! We love everyone and are so thankful for the best prayer warriors ever! 

Robbin, Sonya, and Conner 
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Patricia McClead
By Love Pat in Lewisville
Thank You Jesus for all you are doing for Conner. We want to rush You and yet we know you have the best plan. Bless this family with on going health. Bless Stanley, I command the gangrene to leave now in Jesus name.

Thank You for all the help coming to Conner and please keep him well. I ask that as he goes to each Dr. they will only get a good report. It is time for good reports for this family. Again I ask that you give them the desires of their hearts.