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The latest

Conner is doing well back at home- we are still feeling the love and support from everybody.  Unfortunately, yesterday Mom noticed Conner was speaking a little funny and took him back to the hospital.  He was given the diagnosis of Bell's palsy, which affects the nerve in his face controlling the right side. Fortunately, this is usually a temporary condition lasting for a couple weeks to a couple months.  We are hopeful that he will be fine and of course he is being his amazing self and keeping his head up.  His nerves were obviously affected by the strike and he is experiencing some pain from his nerves.  If anyone has any experience with Bell's palsy or nerve damage- we would love to hear from you.  Unfortunately, with lightning strike survivors- there are so many different outcomes and symptoms that there isn't any one diagnosis.  We are trying many holistic approaches and hope to start accupuncture, massage therapy, kinesiology and chiropractic therapies this week (in addition to his physical , speech and occupational therapy) but if anyone has any recommendations or suggestions- we would love to hear from you.

Lots of love to everyone- keep sending your love and prayers to Conner. Thank you!
-The Bensons