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Back in Utah

Hi all,
Sorry for the delay in communication.  Conner is back here in Utah- doing great!  He is in inpatient physical/speech/occupational therapy at the University of Utah.  They anticipate him being there for about a week.  He got to see his dogs yesterday but is excited to see more family and friends soon.  His visiting hours at the clinic are 4pm to 8pm everyday.  Please feel free to go see him and bring him healthy and/or fattening foods (he needs healthy foods to get him on the mend but he needs bulking up foods to get some weight on him - ps- bacon).  He does have some back issues and will be getting some x-rays and work done on his back.  They are unsure if it was just thrown out badly from the CPR or hurt from the impact of his fall or just from being in a coma and in a bed for 6 days straight. 
All in all, we couldn't feel more lucky and blessed that Conner is doing so well and has such a wealth of support and love!
With lots of love and gratitude,
The Benson Family