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My Story

Recent Park City High School graduate, Conner Benson was visiting his girlfriend's house in Maryland when he and another friend were struck/indirectly struck by lightning while on the beach.

Conner went into cardiac arrest and his heart stopped after the strike, according to a doctor and EMT who just so happened to be nearby and treated Conner.  The EMT and doctor were able to administer CPR until an ambulance arrived.

Conner is now in a Maryland hospital on cardiac arrest protocol and has been placed in a medically induced coma and his body placed on ice to prevent tissue/brain damage as much as possible.  Doctors plan to begin warming his body up beginning early Friday morning.

Unfortunately, hospitals are no stranger to Conner or the Benson family. Conner suffers from diabetes and has been hospitalized in the past due to complications relating to diabetes.

Right now, Conner is surrounded by his family who have flown in from Utah and California.  Conner is a fighter and will pull through.
Please keep praying for him.  We know he hears your prayers.  Thanks for all of the support already. 
We will  keep you updated. 
Lots of love, 
Blaire and the whole Benson/Goble family

A trust account has been established for Conner to help offset the costs of the medical bills, travel costs and any therapy and unforeseen costs to the Benson family. Please visit http://www.gofundme.com/Conner-Benson-Fund to make any donations. Any donations made on this website DO NOT go to the Benson family, they will go to Caring Bridge, so please make sure to click the link above for any donations. - Thank you, Megan Mondavi (Family Friend)


Cydni Hull signed Conner's Guestbook.

We are have been following your progress and are so happy to hear of your quick improvements...it will be no time before this will all seen like a crazy bad dream. Our ... Read more

Kathy Anderson signed Conner's Guestbook.

Thank you for the update on Conner's progress, we are all praying!  He has always handled his health issues with such bravery and determination... Hugs to all of ... Read more

KAthy Anderson signed Conner's Guestbook.

Thanks for keeping us all posted, we've been praying for you and are happy to read how he is improving. Read more

Carlinda signed Conner's Guestbook.

Conner you truly are my hero!!!! Keep all the great progress continuing !!!!!hugs and prayers!!!! Hope to see you home soon!!! Read more

Andrea Tritt Fiore signed Conner's Guestbook.

I am so happy to hear his amazing recovery!!!! Keep it up conner!!! All my love, Andrea Tritt Fiore Read more

Megan Mondavi posted a new journal entry, "Monday".

Conner is doing great- its just so incredible that he is back with us!  He has been moved out of critical care and into a room with a shower- which has been top on his ... Read more

Emily Sue Benson signed Conner's Guestbook.

Conner, I just wrote a message, but I don't see it so I am going to write again and hope that it is not a repeat. Read more

Emily Sue Benson signed Conner's Guestbook.

Conner, I just wrote a message, but I don't see it so I am going to write again and hope that it is not a repeat. Read more

Mark Winstein signed Conner's Guestbook.

I'm so happy to see the great news. It has been so inspiring to see everyone come together in prayer and support, and to see the prayers answered in this way! Read more

Stacy Mathis signed Conner's Guestbook.

Hi everybody :). We are so very happy to hear of Connors positive and wonderful forward movement in his recovery process. I have been praying often for him throughout the ... Read more

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