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Colton’s Story

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Colton, was a very healthy 2 1/2 year old little boy, On Thursday August 11th, we notcied Colton and his brother Camden not feeling well. They both had flu like symptoms and just wanted to rest. As the next few days went on Camden seemed to be doing better and getting fluids but Colton wanted nothing to do with them. W e would try to puch the Pedilyte popsicles and juice but it usually would come up. I got home from work Sunday night and Colton still didn't feel good so I told Jeff that I would take him in in the morning as I thought he was super dehydrated. We went to children's memorial hospital on Monday August 15th for fluids. We had an x ray done that came back fine and then Colton drank some Apple juice. They were gonna send us home after the Apple juice if he could hold it down but I knew something was wrong with my baby. After about 15 minutes of waiting I told our nurse that he threw up the Apple juice ( which he really didn't but mommy wanted fluids and answers) so they decided to run some labs. After about waiting an hour the Dr. came back in to tell us he was gonna give Colton some more fluids and check labs again because they came back abnormally high. I said ok and didn't think anything of it. The checked the labs again and he then came back and told us Colton would be staying overnight to receive fluids and they were gonna check labs a third time because they were still high. After about another hour the Dr. came back again to let me know that Colton was going to be flown by helicopter to Children's hospital in Aurora Colorado because his lab values were showing he was in Kidney failure. (Creatinine and potassium were at a 9) which means his Kidneys were not working at all and he was very close to not making it. So I called Jeff and he rushed home from work where we got Colton all set to go on an adventure on the Helicopter, he was so brave! We saw Colton off and rushed around getting stuff to go up there, we made it up here to meet the Drs, putting in a central line for Dialysis. Colton received one round of dialysis and then was brought down that night for a Cat-scan. then we would have to wait till morning for results. As the PICU doctors made rounds they came and updated us on Carlton's prognosis, he had 2 large masses in his belly and a bunch of small ones and he would have to go into surgery that day to also get stints into his ureters (kidneys) to try to regain kidney function back. while they were go into surgery they also placed a port in his chest to deliver chemotherapy for the cancer that he has at this time unknown. When he went into surgery they took a small piece of the mass to biopsy to tell us what kind of cancer we are dealing with. Colton came out of surgery a champ and the stints in his kidneys were successful so now we just had to watch them to see if the worked. By this we watch his lab levels to see if he gains kidney function back. after surgery the waiting game began and as of today August 18th as i write this Calton's kidneys are functioning very well ( about 80%) and still making progress, and he will go in to surgery today to have a bone marrow biopsy to stage his cancer. The things we know at this point is that he has a very aggressive cancer called neauroblastoma that is either stage 3 or stage 4 cancer and that he will have to go through some sort of chemotherapy. We are praying that it is still at stage 3 and the difference between them is stage 3 hasn't yet reached his bone marrow and bones where as stage 4 is in his bones and bone marrow. So again begins the waiting game. They say we might have so preliminary results this evening but if not then forsure by Monday.  I will try to keep this updated at all times so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers!!! Thank you