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Happy Easter

I know we really haven't updated lately but i wanted to send a quick note out to all of you that have followed us on this journey. I first want to say Happy Easter to everyone. I have enjoyed being with my family this year and loved celebrating our Kylins 2nd birthday! I missed her birthday last year as we were in Colorado with angel Colton. It has been a tough year on our family but we are surviving the best we can. We have dedicated our time and energy into helping others in Wisconsin thru Colton's Cure foundation. We are officially  a 501c3 non profit so we are super excited for that. We have a new website www.coltonscure.org so check us out! We also our on Facebook and twitter and we have lots of fun events coming up. Please hug your family tight today. You never know when god will call them home. I MISS MY SUPERHERO EVERYDAY! I love you all and thank you!