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Balloon release

This Friday, March 29 will be one year since Collin left us.  The last year is not describable in words.  We have good days and really bad days and somehow, we have almost lived through the first year.  We realize a big reason is the prayers and support we have had from our dear, wonderful friends and family.  We miss our Super Hero everyday and it is so hard to go about our days without him here.  However, Collin is still touching lives.  It amazes us to hear the things our sweet boy taught so many of us.  We would love to hear your stories as we go through the next few days.  Please post in the guestbook or send us an email at

Angellyn will be turning 16 in May & she can hardly wait!  She is a very busy girl and will be doing color-guard again this year with band.  She is excited because the marching theme for next year is Games.  Excited because Mario will be one of the songs in their performance!

I have had an amazing opportunity this year.  I am honored to be working with The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation along with the Collin McDaniel Hope Grant.  It is an amazing opportunity.  I know this is what Collin & God want me to do.  My whole life has been in preparation for this moment and time.  I have the privilege to work with doctors, researchers, patients and families to help educate and raise awareness about NMO.  I travel to do presentations about NMO, talk with doctors offices, have spoken to churches, civic groups and many other things.  God has really opened doors for me to share Collin's testimony, our family's testimony.  I am so thankful to have the opportunity to make something good out of the terrible suffering Collin went through.  We would much rather have him here with us, but we know this is how it is suppose to be.  We still grieve, along with our friends & family and it is not easy, but Collin's impact on this world has been huge and is still happening!

This Friday, we will be doing a lighted balloon release in memory of Collin.  We have had people from out of town ask about releasing balloons as well.  We would be honored to have you release a balloon/s for Collin on Friday where ever you are.  We have made little cards we will place in snack size ziplock bags to attach to the balloons.  We would love for you to attach one as well to help spread awareness of NMO.  I will attach the cards at the end.  Also, some have asked what Collin's favorite color was.  He had 2, red & blue (Mario colors of course!).    If you want to do lighted balloons, Walmart has them in a 5 pack for less than $4.  If you release a balloon for Collin, please let us know or even take a pic or video to send us, we would love to hear about it.  Also, if you want to write your name on the back of the cards, we will let you know if we are contacted from someone who found your balloon. 

Thank you all so very much!  Please keep us in your thoughts & prayers in the next few weeks.

This is the link for the cards.  You can print them on cardstock or on a piece of paper, but please put it in a ziploc so it doesn't get wet.  Thanks!