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6 months

Today has been 6 months since our Superhero took his last breath here on earth and entered pain free in Paradise.  We like to think of Collin running & playing in Heaven, enjoying every moment as a child should be able to do.  Though we would love to have him here running and playing, it just wasn't meant to be and we certainly wouldn't want him here suffering like he did those last months.  Our hearts hurt as we long to hold him, kiss him, see his smiling face & share good times with him.  It is hard to see his empty room, now without all the medical stuff & looking like Collin liked it.  His race car bed he loved so much replacing the hospital bed he was in for so long.  His toys in place of the medical shelving full of supplies.   

Life still doesn't seem right & it is hard to imagine going the rest of our lives without him.  However, we know how much Collin loved.  He would not want any of us to be spending our time crying over our loss.  He would want us helping other people, not letting the world forget about his huge heart & compassion for other people!  Many things are in the works right not to carry on the legacy Collin started.  We have wanted to start a support group for other parents dealing with a chronically ill child for a while now.  That is happening and our first meeting is in October!  I am excited to be able to reach out to help other parents, help them find resources, educate them with information & give them support.  We are also working on a non-profit organization to help families with chronically ill children financially, as we know from experience how extremely expensive caring for the medical needs of a child can be.   I have been blessed by churches & organizations who have asked me to come speak to them & share Collin's story with them, talk about the non profit & raise awareness of NMO.  Thank you to those who have given me that opportunity, it has truly been a blessing to me!  Our Superhero is still touching lives & I am determined to go where ever I am asked to go to share his story!

Angellyn is keeping us busy too, with band, ballgames & competitions.  She is color guard captain this year & is loving it!  The band is doing a Footloose theme this year (the original Footloose from the 80's).  She has a solo at the end of Almost Paradise in memory of Collin & it is beautiful, brings tears to our eyes every time!

Thank you for checking in on us!  We appreciate the continued support and prayers!  Life will never be the same for our family, but we will never forget & strive to continue the work that has been put before us!

We love you, Collin, we miss you so much!  One day we will all be together again & I can hardly wait for you to show me around Heaven!!