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10 years ago today, I was blessed with the most amazing little boy who could ever have crossed my path! 10 years ago, God gave us our own Super Hero. He came to this earth to accomplish many things and touch many people. He did his job, like a true Super Hero. Sadly for us, he will celebrate his first birthday in Heaven this year. However, I know he is dancing, playing, running and eating his blue birthday cake he always told us Jesus had for him there. My dear, sweet Collin, you are so very missed and loved so much. You have changed us with your kindness, you caring heart, your compassion for others during your pain and suffering. You will always be our Super Hero and I am so glad to have been the one God choose to be your Mommy!! I love you, sweetie, even as my heart breaks to hold you today & everyday. Happy Birthday in Heaven, Super Hero!!

I am sorry it has been so long since we have updated.   There are just no words to describe what we have been going through anymore.  The pain seems unbearable at times, as we miss him so very much!  Our lives are so different without Collin here with us and it just doesn't seem right.  His headstone is placed now and everything is complete, but it still seems so very wrong!  Our hearts ache to talk to him, to touch him, hold him, see his beautiful smile, hear his voice, but yet that doesn't happen.  His room is here, all put together as he would like it without all the medical equipment, without the hospital bed, but yet the room is still empty without him in it.  Life is hard to get back into since so much of our time the last 5  years was spent on Collin's care.  Nothing in our world seems right, it all seems like walking around in a daze or a dream, not really feeling like this is our reality, but knowing it is.  Life is not the same without our sweet boy in it!  We walk around, we go do things, but it always feels like he is missing from our lives, it doesn't feel normal, it feels wrong.  He should be here with us!  He should be going places, he should be telling us what he wants for his birthday (which I know will include whatever new Mario game is out for Wii & DSi!)!  I can only try to picture him happy, healthy, running, playing & eating his blue birthday cake up in Heaven.  Happy 10th Birthday, Sweet Collin!  You are so very loved & missed by us all here at home!!