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Thought it was time to give an update on here, since it has been a few weeks.  Things have been up & down lately.  Collin has been so close to death several times over the past couple of months, but somehow he is still here with us!  He is an amazing boy, our Super Hero!  He is still very, very seriously ill.  However, we were given a gift from God about 2 weeks ago.  Collin woke up!  He woke up & wanted to interact with us, wanted to play, wanted to talk to us (he doesn't really have a voice & can barely get out a whisper).  He was awake more than he had been in months or maybe even a year!  The times he was awake really took so much out of his body, but it was such a HUGE blessing to be able to have a little bit of Collin back!  Granted, it was just a small portion of our Super Hero, but it took tremendous effort on his part to be awake some throughout the day!  Even though he was awake, he still had lots of issues with the same problems he has had over the last couple of months.  

There was an article in one of the local newspapers about the fund raiser for Collin!  Our Super Hero was on the front page!  They picked a picture which truly shows Collin's true spirit with his smiling face! Read it:

Collin has always wanted to go back to Disney to meet Phineas & Ferb.  The characters were not at Disney yet the last time we were there.  We wanted to take him, but he was never able to travel that far to go back again.  We found out about a week ago Phineas & Ferb: The BEST Live Tour Ever! would be in Birmingham on March 17!  When our wonderful hospice team at New Beacon Hospice found out, they went to work trying to arrange for Collin to meet Phineas & Ferb!  We were all calling everyone we could think of to try to make it happen for Collin.  We were told right off from the production company "Phineas & Ferb do not have time for meet & greets at the live shows, it is not possible."  We were disappointed, but understood.  Well, things went way bigger than we expected!  Facebook friends found out, news stations found out, emails were sent, phone calls were made.  However, it was still a "NO!"  Then, Fox 6 out of Birmingham was involved, thanks to a letter written to them from someone who doesn't want to be named.  They started calling the production company at the same time a new friend of ours realized she had a contact who was one of the main people at the BJCC.  Long story short, thanks to many, many people (New Beacon Hospice, The BJCC, Feld Entertainment, Fox 6, & a special friend with connections) COLLIN WAS ABLE TO MEET PHINEAS & FERB!!!  Piedmont EMS (thank you so much for your generosity!!) picked us up in an ambulance so Collin could rest on the way & could have EMTs to help care for him.  The BJCC (amazing people there, thank you all!!!) graciously gave us tickets to the show & spoiled us while we were there!  They made  us feel like the most important people in the whole place!  Collin & Angellyn had a wonderful time!  We were thrilled to see a smile on Collin's face again & watch Angellyn light up knowing how special she is as a wonderful big sister!   Phineas & Ferb were great!  As we loaded Collin back into the ambulance to come home, he looked at me & whispered "Best Day EVER!"  It was a day of memories for us, so fantastic to have as much of a "normal" day as we could as a family! I do not have the words to make you all who played a part in this understand how very much it means to us to have this day & these memories!!!  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this happen for our family!  Pics here (you can see them without a facebook account!):

We  knew the day in Birmingham would be hard on Collin's body, but we also knew he wanted this & wanted a day with his family doing something "normal".  Collin's health has declined more since Saturday.  He is having lots of trouble breathing and is having trouble keeping his saturation up, even though his oxygen is as high as it can go. His lungs have lots of stuff in them.   He is sleeping most of the time again.   We are so thankful for the gift of the last couple of weeks with him!  Please keep him & us in your prayers as we face the coming weeks!  We really love & appreciate our "Froggies" as Collin has always called our Prayer Warriors!

Please keep sending us your Super Hero Collin stories, memories & stories of how he has inspired your life.  We have loved reading them all!  Thank you to all who have taken the time to do this!

If you go to you can see information on ordering Super Hero Collin awareness bracelets!!  We are limited, so if you want them, order soon!  You can also see Collin's life in pictures, going back over the last few years of his life.

Thank you all for checking in on us.  We really appreciate all the prayers & thoughts are we try to get through these tough minutes/hours/days.