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Collin’s Story

This is the journey for Collin Luitjens, a 16 year old sophomore that went from seemingly healthy to on the heart transplant list in less than a week.  Thank you for visiting and signing the guestbook with your thoughts and well wishes for him!

I have had several people ask me for how/where to donate so I figured I would put them all here!

Monetary donations to can be sent to Community Bank c/o Collin Luitjens Benefit: 951 East Madison Ave Mankato, MN 56001

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Latest Journal Update

Long overdue update (positive)

We have not posted on CaringBridge for about 4 months.  We have been updating the Team Collin page on Facebook on a semi-regular basis but it occurred to me today that there may be some people that do not follow him on FB but do/did on here.  So...Where is he now?  Well...we are about 1 year and 1 week since this entire journey started (2/12/14).  Most of you are well aware of what the majority of that year dealt him/us so I will skip to the most recent things.  Collin is back at school 3 days a week, full days.  He continues to have therapy twice a week for a total of about 6 hours.  We had a battery of tests a few weeks ago and they determined that he is not having seizures, he is not had any new strokes, and he continues to heal his brain; which means that he will continue to improve his eyesight, walking, use of his right side, and his memory!  In December Collin was granted his Make-A-Wish and our entire family went on a Hawaiian Cruise!  It was the most amazing time ever!  Norwegian Cruise Lines were absolutely wonderful with everything they did for us!  Collin had the time of his life and now wants to move to Hawaii!  Also, Collin has been working on his running at therapy (a HUGE step forward from where he was in March/April!!).  The goal for him...is to run the 5K in Mankato in October during Marathon weekend!!!  This is absolutely unbelievable to us!  So stay tuned for that update!!  In case you missed it here is the last year by the numbers...

5 - Hospitals he was in during his journey.

4 - Strokes Collin suffered on March 21st.

3 - Days his doctors gave him to survive the strokes.  (Thank God he proved them wrong!!!!)

2 - Open heart surgeries, including a heart transplant.

1 - Amazing young man that has inspired thousands of people!!

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12 Comentarios

Betty Robinson
By Auntie Betty
We all know he is an amazing young man!! Lots of determination, it was so good to see all of you at Christmas. We love you and keep Collin on the prayer list at church.
Kelly (Andresen) Meehling
By Kelly (Andresen) Meehling
Love to get a glimpse of his progress when we overlap at therapies. I can't wait to cheer him on at the 5k this fall.
Jodi Meister
By Jodi Meister
Way to go Collin!!!! I am so proud of you and the goals you have made. You truly are an amazing young man who has inspired so many people. I will continue to pray for you that you continue to prove the Drs. Wrong.

Ann Aeschliman
By Ann Aeschliman
Thank you for the update. I tell my Knights of Columbus Auxiliary ladies how he is doing and we all continue to pray for him. I did see your dad last week and he gave me the scoop also. I hear Collin is going to prom. How exciting is that! I am so thrilled he is doing well and it sounds like you two are also doing well. I continue to pray for the journey to be successful. Love to all.
Misty M
By Misty
Way to go Collin you have came a very long way in your journey. You have been an inspiration to me and I am so glad you have shared your story. I am honored and humbled and still wear my team collin shirt. I want to live in hawaii too :)
Julia Allen
By Julia Allen
Collin you are an amazing young man. You and your family are an inspiration to so many. It has been and continues to be awesome to see how God is working in your life. You continue to be in our prayers daily. We continue to look forward to seeing what else is going to happen in your life. God is awesome.
Cindy Scholl
By Cindy Scholl
GOD is good. Thanks so much for the update. I continue to keep Collin in my daily prayers (can never have too much of that, right?) and wondered how he was doing. The cruise sounds A-MA-ZING! Continued blessings to your family in 2015!
Rhonda Laxen
The journey you have all been through is unbelievable! I'm so happy your entire family was given the opportunity to explore something new and different after what you endured over the last year. Sounds like a GREAT vacation for all of you! Your 5-4-3-2-1 says it all - Collin is truly a champion in everything he has done and continues to be with the goals he sets! Keep going, Collin!!
Bernie Wiese
By Bernie Wiese — last edited
God works in mysterious ways. I sit in awe of the things Collin has accomplished. Also to the 5 of you, your strength, your determination, and your Faith!
Emily DeHaven
By Emily DeHaven
He is simply amazing. I don't know him personally but I love him! Way to go Collin!!