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When Tammy and I were driving to the hospital this morning we received a text message from Collin's phone.  It was a picture of him sitting up in a chair!  His therapist sent it to us.  When we walked in he was still sitting up and looked great!  He was a bit crabby (and I can't say I blame him) but we all know it is for the best.  He will take his first post-transplant steps at noon today!  It is amazing to think of what he is already able to do!  It is a direct reflection of all of the hard work he has put in; and also a direct reflection of the dedication and push from his therapists, nurses, and doctors.  He is lucky to have the absolute best team working with him!  Everyone from Mankato to Minneapolis that has helped along the way have made this all possible!  We thank each and every one of you!!  And to the donors family, whoever and wherever you are, thank you for making the choice of organ donation!!!  You (literally) have a special place in our family!!

As always, thank you for the continued prayers and positive thoughts!!  They are absolutely working!  Please keep them coming! 

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Cari Rickman
By Cari Rickman
We too had a daughter that had a couple heart transplants. God is good! Praying for all of you! <3
joyce hennes
By just a MN mom
I am so very happy for Colin and your family. While I don't know you, I have been following your posts on Caring Bridge. Thank you for remembering and acknowledging the donors family. About 7 months ago my daughter became and organ donor. Not a day goes by when I don't think of her gifts to those in need. Thanks again for acknowledging the donor and their families.
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Anita  Gall
By Anita Gall
Congratulations on getting a new heart for your son! My husband met you at the coffee shop a few months back just after seeing you on the news. Our son too had a heart transplant. We often wondered if his new heart had come & are so happy to hear the wonderful news. We know the joy you feel. Sending love and prayers!
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Joy McGrath
By Joy McGrath
Tina Hall
By Tina and Adianna
Dear Collin and Family,
My 7 yr old daughter and I have prayed daily for you since last fall when we first heard about you. Not a day went by that you weren't in our thoughts and the Good Lord has given us a Miracle! We are so excited to see you getting well! We are so proud of you and all the hard work to come, but thru Christ, who lives in you, ALL things ARE possible!!! 🙌👍
Hugs, Miss Tina and Adianna from Missouri
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Lucy Goblirsch
By Lucy Goblirsch
This is such good news to hear. Prayers will continue to go out for continued healing. God bless you Collin. God bless all those who are helping to heal you.
Mary Rose
By Mary Rose
Hi Collin, So glad you got to sit up today. Before I have to get kids out of bed I tell them, "I wish I could let you stay in bed for 3 days & then you'd just jump out, but I know better than that!" Hope everyday just keeps getting better! Mary Rose
JR and Kathy Griffin
By Kaytee Griffin
So happy for all of you PRAISE THE LORD
Great. News keep moving forward buddy
sheila stufflebeam
By Sheila Stufflebeam
Thank The Lord! Collin is a tough, determined kid! I would think, but maybe I'm wrong, that Collin will feel much better now that he has a healthy heart beating in his chest!