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The new heart is in and they are closing his chest now. They said it is beating nicely and they are pleased with how it turned out! We are still waiting for him to be out of surgery and taken back to his room. We will probably get to actually see him at about 9-10. They said they are looking at extubating him and waking him tomorrow sometime. We will continue to post updates as we get them! Thank you all for prayers and positive thoughts!! They definitely are working!!
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Sharon Dieken
By Sharon Dieken
Great news! Continued prayers.
Ann Aeschliman
By Ann Aeschliman
Superman used his birth given heart to the best of his ability long after it should have ceased. Now he has a new heart and a new life will begin.
When Paul adopted my children my mom called it our rebirthday and we celebrate every year. I hope you will call Collin's heart day his rebirthday also since it is a rebirth into a new life filled with hope, love and the grace of God. We continue to pray.
Amber Johannes
By Amber Johannes
Overjoyed for you guys..
Sending more prayers your way..
Your so strong Collin ;-)
God Bless your family..
Wishing you a fast recovery and home soon..
Debra Haefner
By Debra Haefner
Great news for you and your family. Will keep sending paryers your way. Deb
JR and Kathy Griffin
By Kaytee Griffin
Cindy Scholl
By Cindy Scholl
Incredible! We give THANKS to God and pray for continued support, strength & healing!
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Heidi Radford
Praise God! Fantastic news- the power of prayer and watching this miracle unfold is amazing!
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Mary Rose
By Mary Rose
So glad for Colin & all of you.
sheila stufflebeam
By Sheila Stufflebeam
I pray that Collin's body will welcome this new heart, and that mind, body, soul, and spirit will be one with this new heart.
Karla Stumpf
By Tyler's great aunt, Karla (Scholl) Stumpf
Thank the good Lord for miracles, After watching my brother-in-law go through this exact same procedure this past year, it is truly a miracle. I pray that Collin will accept his new heart with no complications. I pray for his care givers and you, his family. I pray for the donors family, that God will bless them with peace knowing that their love one gave someone else life.
Thank you for your continued updates. I look forward to hearing about Collin's recovery.
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