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This is the journey for Collin Luitjens, a 16 year old sophomore that went from seemingly healthy to on the heart transplant list in less than a week.  Thank you for visiting and signing the guestbook with your thoughts and well wishes for him!

I have had several people ask me for how/where to donate so I figured I would put them all here!

Monetary donations to can be sent to Community Bank c/o Collin Luitjens Benefit: 951 East Madison Ave Mankato, MN 56001

If you would like to send a check/money order let me know and I can get you the bank information where we have an account set up for the fundraisers.


Tammy Luitjens posted a new journal entry, "Look chest tubes!".

Collin officially has nothing hanging off of him!!!! He got his chest tubes removed yesterday with his heart cath (psst which showed zero rejection) and he was released ... Read more

Jodi Meister signed Collin's Guestbook.

Good job Collin, I am so proud of you! God's blessings to you and your family! Jodi Read more

Sue Morrow signed Collin's Guestbook.

What great news for Collin and your family! How free he must feel to not have any invasive tubes, monitors, or medical devices holding him back! Best of luck for a ... Read more

Jody Rittmiller signed Collin's Guestbook.

So glad the chest tubes are out!! Enjoy a little more freedom!! Thinking of you daily!! Read more

Matt Luitjens posted a new journal entry, "9/8/14".

Well Collin was admitted to the hospital for 1 more day...but this time it is a good thing!  He had his chest tubes removed this morning so they need to admit him ... Read more

Matt Luitjens posted a new journal entry, "8/30/14".

We were once again shown the extent that Collin's journey has traveled.  We didn't make it home in time for a home cooked dinner last night so we went to Boulder Tap ... Read more

Matt Luitjens posted a new journal entry, "8/29/14".'s official!!!!!  We will be heading home today!  He still has his chest tubes in however, the pneumothraxes have stabilized enough that they are letting him ... Read more

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