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    Written Mar 25, 2014 8:44pm

    Post sedation Hey all. Things went well today. He was one of the last to go into sedation around 10am...he got precedex and another drug along with some sleepy gas to get him under and an if started. He woke up grumpy and he didn't like the residual smell left from the gas...he kept pinching his nose and crying. Overall though things went well. The bone marrow and spinal results should be back tomorrow...prelim results on his blood work look great. His ALT was slightly elevated but prob due to the antibiotics he's on. He's pretty sore tonight...his back is bruised up but overall he's doing well. I will be sure and post something as soon as I hear from the oncologist

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  • Bone marrow biopsy and spinal tap

    Written Mar 24, 2014 1:55am

    Bald spots on his head Hey everyone...hope u are all well. Collin's BMA and lp are Tues morning and I have to work tomorrow night from 10p-5a thankfully my boss Cesar is being very understanding of the situation and is allowing me to leave work 2 hrs early to get to UNC on time.
    Collin has been quite off lately. Falling asleep hard during the day....not feeling well in general and has an overall unsettling look about him. Still, he's managing to play and be a kid so I am going to chalk it up to this momma being a nervous ninny. Even so, I am on the verge of crazytown w/ worry over these upcoming tests...nothing new there. But if y'all would just include a quick prayer for sanity and safety too as I will be driving Tues morning after working all night. Also please remember to say one for the Collinator...and his overall health. That it would improve. He's been in quite a lot of pain for as long as I can remember. We his scalp having possible damage from radiation and all the chemo. His scalp hurts and is really dry.. Almost like cradle cap! His hair is falling out almost as bad now as it did in frontline treatment....he hands me clumps of it regularly and also says that its always on his desk and papers at school. So that's one issue. The other is these molluscum. He has over 70 at last count. It's a kind of viral wart that spreads like wildfire! Well the three original ones are nastily infected and they are giving him a fit as well. Then there's the issues w potty training and also the overall fatigue...headaches...and what I am guessing is PTSD. Poor kid has been through it and needs to start feeling healthy both inside and out!

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  • bone pain and headaches

    Written Mar 9, 2014 10:59pm

    So mr. Collin has been complaining to me a lot about his legs hurting...more so at night. I hoping it is just normal growing pains but with his history and the frequency of the pain the onc has decided to do a bone marrow biopsy and spinal tap as well due to headaches. He said he's not worried...but I feel like he wouldn't be doing it if he wasn't worried ya know. Anyway like to let everyone know that I started working 3rd shift about a week ago. Just as a stocker and back room at walmart ...but its def good to have the added income. We have been struggling for far too long!

    Also would like to ask y'all to keep collins oldest sibling Lacey in your prayers and all...she has been having ongoingn pain headaches and general sinus issues since November and a ct has revealed that there is "something" in her sinus cavity...they don't know what it is but given the family history they want to operate to remove it and clean out her sinuses on April 18th. As of now everyone is just trying to stay busy...

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