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Colleen’s Story

Hi! Welcome to my CaringBridge site! 

I hope you enjoy my ramblings as much as I enjoy writing them! If you're wondering what you can do for me, I only ask for prayers for my family and all those supporting me! God bless all of you and thanks for your continued encouragement and care!

Undeservedly blessed,


Latest Journal Update

Six Months!

It is sooooo crazy to think that it has been 6 months already since my transplant! It still feels like it just happened! When it feels like time really is flying, that's when you really start to reflect on what exactly you're doing with that time! There is a great Buddhist-inspired quote that I just love that I really like to think on. "The problem is, you think you have time."

Dang, am I right?

So what have I been doing with my time lately and what does my future look like?
  • I've still been working out (my trainer and I keep joking that I am going to the gym to get "yoked") and I feel 110%!!! I really do feel great. I have been eating well and taking meds and being super duper healthy with things! My goal is get this heart to last EVEN LONGER than my second heart (my poor original heart is always forgotten since I only had it for three short years). Woo hoo!
  • In May, I went back to school for a May term class. It was only 3.5 weeks, but it felt so good to be back down there! At the same time, I took a May online class from my community college. Currently I am taking two night classes and an online class in order to catch up. By the time I am back in the fall, I will only be one credit behind everyone! I told you all this transplant wasn't going to stop me!
  • I nanny three crazy boys during the day. They're fun, keep me active, and always on my toes!
  • I've been interviewing for internships for the fall semester. So far I've interviewed at a law firm, down in Chicago for a Justice Corps position, and next week I will be interviewing for an internship at a homeless shelter and another at the State Attorney's office. I am very hopeful for my prospects this coming fall! Law school, here I come (in two years)(and if the LSAT doesn't drive me mad)! The attached photo is my most recent photo. I had just finished interviewing when I randomly saw one of my sisters walking down the street in the middle of Chicago! Crazy, right? She was a gem and made me this really amazing scrapbook and visited while I was in the hospital. It was so good to see her!
  • Formals, formals, formals! I was able to go to my sorority's formal AND informal as well as my best friend's formal at her school down in Indy! So much fun! I was sooooo happy I was able to go since I had missed the Rose Formal while I was in the hospital. I missed my sisters A TON and it was so nice to be with them again!
  • I was recently part of the Heroes magazine that is distributed at Lurie's and sent to whoever wants one. Tomorrow I will be heading to Lurie's where Eric and Kathy's Radio show will be recording stories from patients at Lurie's about their experiences and such. So excited!!! In November/December, I will be featured in another publication but I've decided to tell only a select few people about it until then so you will know when the time comes! ;)
  • I will be returning full time to school in the fall. I am overloading to make up that last credit I need. I really can't wait for this semester! My roommate and I are very excited about our room in the house! She is in charge of recruitment for our house and I am one of the Chairs for one of the nights. I have been working a lot on it and running around like crazy. It is so nice to be busy like that again!
I think that's really all I have for now! I've been rejection free for over a month now which is really exciting! On Friday will be my first big cath which will check out my coronary arteries and all that fun stuff. It will be a lonnnnnng day, but I'm not too worried! I'll likely update next after starting school. Thanks for continuing to read up on my story. It means a lot to me!

Constant prayers being sent for all of you!

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danielle oyasu
By Danielle Oyasu
Hi Colleen, I was the Nurse that sent you to the O.R. for your first heart transplant when you were 3yrs old. I have always wondered how you were doing:). I see that you underwent another transplant in 2013..hope all is well. You have grown into such a beautiful young lady. Even at 3, I could tell you were going to do special things. Tell your Mom I said hello:))).