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Guess who??!!'s Cole. Just thought I'd stop by again and give you guys an update on how things are going here on the homefront in Southern Cali. As of right now all the bleeding on the brain is 100% gone!! yay!! The three skull fractures have not healed but there is a good chance that they might not, but no worries the doctor said that in adults over the age of 18 skull fractures don't heal that often and as long as the fractures are lined up that it doesn't matter, it's as good as healed. And good news, all of my fractures are lined up!! Unfortunately the neurologist couldn't tell us how my neck was healing until he has a CT scan of my neck to compare to the one taken on May 29th. But again don't stress, I'm sure I'll be out of my neck brace a week after he sees the new CT scan which I'm getting on July 17th. I get a walking knee brace on Monday!!! It will be set to 30 degrees and off I go. It will stay at 30 for two weeks and then get moved to 45 for 2 weeks, then 60 for 2, then 90 for 2, then..well we have no idea. Haha. Well enough with the injuries. My days consist of playing Wii games, sometimes beating but mostly losing to my grandparents in Cribbage, playing Scattegories, Facebooking and watching TV, not to mention walking uphill and downhill around our block which is about .4 miles and we usually do it twice a day which is almost a mile!! Kinda weird thinking I used to run about 2 miles a day...O well that time will come soon enough. I can now get in and out of the car by myself. In and out of the armchair by myself, and go to the movies, out to dinner, to church, etc. I am getting stronger everyday and want to thanks everyone for being so wonderful for everything! I want to thank everyone individually but that would take almost a month of continuous typing to do so. Well until next time. Farewell and Godspeed.