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Cole is getting stronger everyday! He now can get up out of the recliner that we borrowed pretty much without our help. Showering is quite a chore. Thank God it has been hot. We use a camping shower and sit Cole in a chair with his shorts. We put a trash bag around his leg brace and his neck brace does get wet. When Cole is all done we put him in the hospital bed and change out the neck brace. This is by far the stressfull time for us. His neck can not move. It has been a very tiring and hectic week, trying to get things going with our insurance setting up the right doctors appts. Getting his first set up xrays on his neck and the CT scan on his brain set up. I apologize for those that have called us and I or Jeff have not called back. We are exhausted, from work, taking care of Cole, the house everything else. But, we are so lucky we are home. It could have been so worse. I do not know how many of you know this story, but Cole's uncle Jon read this week that a 21 year old student was at his frat house at the Unversity of Washington and fell 30 to concrete and died. When I was told this I got sick to my stomach and prayed and thanked God for giving us our son back. This could have easily happened to Cole. Cole will have a CT scan on Mon. and will be seeing a neuro onWed.