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5/30 We slept in ICU all night and checked on Cole throughout the night and he had the breathing tube still in. The nurses said the plan was to turn it off and have him breath on his own for 2 hours before they shut it off. We checked in on him at 8:30am and he was doing great breathing on his own. At 10am the breathing tube came out! This was such a huge but baby step for him. He was very alert and talking quite a bit to us. the first thing he said to me was he wanted chipolte to eat. Still had a sense of humor. We were told the blood on the brain had not gotten any worse, which was good, would have like to have heard it went down again. The xrays showed that he had no breaks in his ankles or toes, but they think he has a sprained right ankle.We were able to see the xrays of the break in his leg and the knee cap. Our worry now is the break in his neck. It was explained to us that it is a type 3 ontadoid break. It is at the base of the vertabre it is a displaced fracture. It is basicly if you take your finger and point it straight up that is the axis that the other vertebrea sit on it is cracked at the base of it. They have scheduled him for surgery on Wed. 6/3 We do not know for sure if they will operate or just try to brace him right now. The spine orthopedic came by last night and looked at the films. We did not get to see him. He is gone until Monday. Coles orthopedic surgeon that did his leg and knee came out and talked to us and wants to get him up tomorrow and get him putting weight on his leg. We asked him about the spine surgeon Dr. Floyd and from him and various other people we have talked to that are not connected to the hospital he is one of the top 5 surgeons in the US. He has developed the beginnings of pnemonia which they are treating with antibiotics. Hopefully if they get him up tomorrow that will lessen. They are having him every hour do breathing exercises to help fight off the pnemonia. He recoginzes everyone and respondes to everything which is huge. There were family and friends from his school here all day long. His soccer coach has come by twice and brought us dinner. The dean of students has been here twice, his soccer team and just a bunch of kids and faternity brothers. One of his faternity brothers brought him his faternity pin and Cole has been holding it in his hand all day. He will not put in down. We did find out that one of the girls that was at the party with Cole had just recently gotten certified as an EMT. When Cole fell she ran down and held his head and stabilzied him. He had been knocked unconcious, but he awoke he was trying to move and frailing about , she held his head and stablized him until the paramedics arrived. This girl is our hero, and saved Cole's life.If that piece would have moved it would have severed the spinal cord and he would not have been able to breathe. We have finally found out who she is. She was actually here at the hospital Thursday night, but we did not know it. We are trying to get in touch with her and hopefully she will be back at the hospital. We have recieved so many emails and phone calls it is unbelievable and the prayer chains that are out there for Cole. Thank you!!! He is still very serious and needs all the positive thoughts and prayers continuing from all of you. Love Jeff and Robyn


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First of all Happy Father's Day Jeff,one I am sure you are very grateful for. Cole, we 're very glad you are home and progressing in your recovery. We think of you ... Read more

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Today is Fathers' day and what a fathers day for Jeff and our family. When we left two weeks ago for Idaho, we had no idea what to expect. Cole had so many injuires that ... Read more

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hey Cole, glad to here your back home in the friendly confines where McCall can wait on you hand and foot.(let me know how that turns out :) ) God is doing wonderful ... Read more

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Cole, SO glad you're home!!! We're all sending good thoughts your way as you continue with your recovery! We've had a lot of exciting events going on up here. Give ... Read more

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Hey everyone, so I am FINALLY home!! No more hospital for me!! Thank you everyone for your love and support and the well wishes and prayers!! I really appreciate it and it ... Read more

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Hi Cole, It's Uncle Terry, Michele, Kyle and I are so excited to hear you guys are coming home. I bet all of you will be glad to spent a night at your own home. Cole, ... Read more

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Psalm 62: 5-8 "Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken. My ... Read more

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Well, tonight will be the last night that we write from hotel St Alphonusus Hospital! When we get home we will continue this journal as we can, because Cole will have a ... Read more

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I am so glad to hear you are coming home!! My best to your Mom & Dad... Chris Loudon Read more

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Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall... Humpty Dumpty had a great fall... All of "King Cole's" horses And all of his men... Put the Ole Soul together again. Love...S Read more

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