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105 days later.....

It has been 105 days since our last journal entry, but we would like for all of you to know how God continues to bless us and work in our lives each and every day.

Cody returned to school and completed his junior year at St. James Academy with a 98.75 GPA. We are so proud of him for this accomplishment as he missed so many days and struggled with headaches and fatigue upon return. We are so thankful to his teachers who helped him every step of the way. The staff has gone above and beyond and we are extremely blessed to be part of such a caring academic community.

He competed at the state level for Science Olympiad earning Gold medals in two of his events. The team unfortunately missed going to Nationals by a few points but we still have next year!

Cody also competed on the Varsity golf team earning his first medal at at tournament shooting a 79! He continues to work diligently on his golf game and intends to compete in more tournaments this summer.

He is umpiring for his 5th year at Johnson County 3&2 baseball, where the staff has embraced his return. Last Sunday was National Cancer Survivior's Day and while Ed spoke to thousands of survivors in Chicago, Cody wore a pink shirt while umpiring in recognition.

He has also started playing baseball again. He has enjoyed pitching and playing 1st base and some big hits at the plate. He would like to return to catching as his endurance level improves. And although he has worn number 49 (his Dad's number) since he was 4 years old, he chose to wear 42 this year in honor of his friend and chemo buddy, Connor.

He went to prom, took the ACT, broke his finger playing basketball, twisted his ankle playing baseball, had a sinus infection, battles short term memory issues, has thyroid issues and low white counts, but faces everyday and doesn't waste a minute of it.

A local magazine entitled Advanced Athlete does stories on children of all ages who have battled, or continue to battle a health issue and compete in a sport. Cody was featured in the magazine, which did and awesome job of sharing the inspirational stories of so many young athletes.

We have spent the last week with follow up at Children's Mercy Hospital. Cody had an MRI of his elbow, a PET scan, a physical and labs. We are so thankful to report that his PET scan concluded that he remains in remission. His elbow is also improving. We will need to meet with an oncological endocrinologist regarding his thyroid and the oncological orthopedic surgeon regarding the elbow and then hopefully we will be done with doctors until we do it all again in September!

Prior to Cancer, Cody was 6' 1".  He is now 6'2".

Prior to Cancer, Cody weighed 187 and lost almost 30 lbs. He now weighs 195.

Prior to Cancer, Cody had straight hair. He now has wavy hair with a few curls!  -Although he just made me cut them all off :-(

Prior to Cancer, Cody had no idea how many people all over the world, love him, care him, support him and would lift him up in prayer when he needed them most.

Now he does.


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linda scharenberg
By linda scharenberg
Just thinking of you. Hope your life is great and you are enjoying life. Hope your education is going well. Enjoy your Summer.